Technology can’t solve our problems at all times. For instance, security cameras can’t make your property totally safe. Although it can boost your security system, it leaves a lot of blind spots on your property. In warehouse businesses, security plays a big role. Criminals often target warehouse property. Therefore, hiring a warehouse security guard is necessary. Here are the top reasons why you need warehouse security guards:

It can protect your employees: Your employees should feel safe at work. They need to be cared for as individuals. Warehouses store valuable inventory which is why it is always a magnet for thieves. Your employees must be protected on warehouse property if bad guys ever strike. A warehouse security guard is confident in using video surveillance, performing regular security checks, and knowing if an incursion has been attempted by criminals.

They can deter criminals: Warehouse security guards can spot suspicious behavior and detect low-level crime before it escalates. Criminals do always not the surveillance in place before attacking a warehouse. However, the presence of human patrol can be a powerful deterrent to criminals.

They work with police: Police officers are always your ultimate protection against crime. Security guards help the police to do their job. They play a powerful role in assisting the police. Warehouse security guards are always the first people to alert the police and provide key details of any suspicious activities they’ve noticed on the ground.

They can boost employee morale: The presence of security officers can boost the morale of your employees. By employing a team of security guards you can give them peace of mind and a sense of security. Experts believe that employees who feel safe and valued are always more productive and likely to stay at your business. Come to Eagle Eye Security to get top-quality warehouse security guard in Fullerton, CA.

They can reduce employee theft: Security threats don’t just happen from outside. Internal theft can be a cause for concern for many businesses as well. Employee theft can cause around $50 billion every year. Stealing inventory from warehouses is a common problem for many industries. Security officers monitor your employees. They can spot any problem quickly and deal with that immediately. Contact Eagle Eye Security to hire warehouse security guard in Fullerton, CA.

They can deal with emergencies:  Various types of emergencies can take place around the warehouse. Apart from criminal activities, fire outbreaks, health emergencies or any other medical situation can take place. Sometimes, a confrontation between employees can cause a problem as well.

There are several types of security measures you can take to secure your warehouse. Here are some examples of useful warehouse security tools:

Security cameras: Security camera is a great way to deter thieves and the best way to gather strong evidence against someone who I trying to steal valuable assets from your property. Modern security cameras can easily collect high-definition footage and upload it to a server which can make the identification of thieves easier. Also, it is a great way to preserve evidence if someone tries to tamper with it.

Warehouse lighting: Lighting is a vital part of warehouse security. Poorly-lit warehouses not only become an easy spot to attack but also become a safety hazard for warehouse employees and security staff. Hence, keeping warehouse facilities well-lit is important to prevent theft and on-site accidents.

Alarm systems: Alarm can be a crucial tool for deterring theft. It can minimize the amount stolen by thieves. A good alarm system can summon security or police in time to stop thieves from getting away with the crime. An alarm system can keep them on a tight time limit. This way, they can’t steal a lot. Getting an alert from a silent alarm can help security and police to arrive on the scene quickly.

Security patrols: On-site security guards can deter thieves by making the round regularly. Performing security patrol to secure the premises can be a huge deterrent to casual thieves and trespassers. It can minimize large-scale theft risks as well.

Access control systems: By controlling access to the premises you can keep high-value merchandise secure in the premise. Access control systems can make it harder for thieves to trespass on the property and get to the valuable inventory. By creating a high-security system around the warehouse, you can minimize theft risks. Contact Eagle Eye Security to get warehouse security guards in Fullerton, CA.

Inventory tracking: Inventory should be checked frequently. It is important to have an inventory tracking solution so that any inventory shrinkage can be identified quickly. Take help from Eagle Eye Security to hire warehouse security guards in Fullerton, CA.

Entryway security doors: It is important to improve the entryway security doors of your property. Weak locks or doors can allow thieves into the warehouse easily. Strong doorways can prevent thieves and increase the likelihood of them getting caught by police /security. Visit our website to get more details about our company. Call us on (619)-278-9990 to get more details.