Our Mission

The mission of Eagle Eye Security Inc. is to advance security and safety by integrating traditional security guards, high tech electronic surveillance, security education, and partnership with law enforcement agencies.

Eagle Eye Security provides total security solutions. We can work with you to design the best security package that meets your specific needs. We provide the most highly trained professional security officers in the industry to detect and prevent security and safety problems before they occur.

Our highly trained professional security officers can prevent security and safety problems, protect your tangible and intangible assets and can have a positive effect on your organization, institution, or business which will increase your profit and reputation.


Why Choose us?

Security Officers:
  • Are carefully selected and screened with rigorous background checks.
  • Are highly trained, professional, attentive, and courteous.
  • Are properly certified.
  • Are outfitted with the most modern equipment.
  • Are focused on providing a safe and secure environment.
  • Are able to notice situations that others do not see.
Customer Service:
  • We provide open and timely communications with our clients.
  • Our officers and staff are helpful and conscientious.
  • We create long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We guarantee you’ll be pleased with our officers. If not, they will be replaced immediately.
  • We offer a free security and safety consultation.
  • We offer the most competitive rates in Southern California.
  • We offer customized security and safety programs to fit your needs.
  • We provide preventative security and safety measures that reduce costly and unsaf situations.