Our team of licensed security guards pride themselves on being able to provide our clients with a secure, functional, and pleasant environment in which to live and work. At Eagle Eye Security we are continually researching solutions to develop new approaches to fill the gaps found in traditional private security and investigative services. Protecting your business is our only business. This gives us the adequacy to master and integrate, in a practical manner, the three functions of guarding, observing, and patrolling. The end-result is a capability that can be tailored to your needs.
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Our Services include the following:

Unarmed Guard

We provide to clients the most highly trained professional security officers in the industry to detect and prevent potentially harmful and hazardous security and safety situations before incidents or problems occur. A Stationary guard in our company uniform is highly visible and prevents thefts and burglaries just by his presence on the site.

Patrol Security

A drive-by patrol is one where our uniformed guard drives to the client’s site and spends half an hour and check the lock ups, gates, and walks around the property to ensure everything is in order. These stops are made as many times a night as requested by the client.

Our Security Officers are trained in:

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Earthquake, Fire, and Terrorists threats

  • Basic Law for Security Officers

  • Tear Gas, Mace, Pepper spry / Permit

  • Client Relations / Service Attitude

Eagle Eye Security Inc is a licensed, bonded and fully insured company


Silvertrac is a guard management and reporting solution designed to help security operations run more efficiently. From guard tours and incident reports, to dispatch and client portals, Silvertrac has what you need to grow your security business.