Security guards are sometimes seen as a luxury that companies aren’t always sure they truly need. While it may seem like their job is easy, the truth is they’re constantly making rounds and watching for signs of suspicious activity. Since a security guard’s job is solely to maintain the safety of your corporate building, guards are able to quickly respond to changing circumstances. Here are some of the benefits of having corporate security guards on your premises, brought to you by the team from Eagle Eye Security, the experts in corporate security San Diego businesses rely on for exceptional security solutions.

Deter Criminal Activity

The most obvious benefit of having security guards is that they can respond quickly to theft and other types of crimes. However, they also serve as an added safeguard for stopping criminal activity from happening in the first place. Seeing a live security guard patrolling the premises can make criminals stay away from your corporate property.

Protect Employee Safety

A corporate security guard can often block criminals from entering the building, which minimizes the risk of your employees getting hurt. Guards can also walk employees to their cars late at night and double-check that the building’s doors are locked. Employees who feel safe can better focus on their jobs, and they’ll feel more secure when working late when a security guard is on duty.

Reduce Accidental Injuries

Security guards don’t just watch out for criminals. They also look out for potential safety hazards, such as an unmarked wet floor or an electrical box that’s left open. Having an extra set of eyes to keep everyone safer reduces the risk of accidents happening on your company’s premises.

Provide a Prompt First Response

An emergency health crisis could happen at any time in a corporate environment. If your office building houses many employees, it’s worth having someone available who knows how to perform first aid or CPR. Security guards are trained to respond to an emergency situation that may require assistance until paramedics or firefighters arrive.

Assist with Customer Service

Corporate security guards may be constantly scanning the environment for potential threats, but they’re also kind and helpful to people who have a reason to visit your building. Since they’re often outside or near an entrance, they can smile and help visitors find their way to the front desk or an office. Many customers also prefer to visit corporate buildings where they know they’re safe.

Help with Monitoring

Security cameras are limited in their ability to prevent crime, and a private security guard can help with that by keeping an eye on what’s happening on the screen. A guard can also check credentials at the front door or screen incoming visitors. If there are certain parts of your building with restricted access, a security guard can make sure only authorized people make it past the entry point. 

Hiring professional guards for your corporate location can provide visitors, clients, and employees with a sense of safety and security. If you need to hire high-quality professional corporate security guards, look no further than Eagle Eye Security, one of the top security companies in San Diego. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990.