Reasons to Hire an Overnight Security Guard in Santee, CA

Overnight security guards serve an important role by working during the hours when many other people are asleep. While most people are catching up on their rest, criminals often take advantage of the cover of night. You’ll want to hire an overnight security guard from one of the top security companies in San Diego, CA, if any of these benefits could impact your ability to take care of your property and the people you care about.

1. Establish a Visible Presence

Once your building is locked up at the end of the day, no one may be around to watch over valuables. Many buildings have security flaws that increase the risk of theft. Windows aren’t that hard to break, and some buildings lack secure locks. An overnight security guard can make sure your building is secure, and criminals will avoid the area when they see a guard making the rounds.

2. Stop Expensive Acts of Vandalism

If you’ve ever had to paint over graffiti on a wall, you already know how frustrating and expensive vandalism can be. Your building might be at greater risk for vandalism if it’s in a high-crime area or your company or organization plays a controversial role in society. Overnight security makes tagging and other acts of vandalism less likely to happen because vandals prefer to commit their crimes where they aren’t likely to be spotted.

3. Prevent Late-Night Break-Ins

Adding lights to your property can reduce the chances of a break-in. However, crimes can still happen when burglars know people aren’t around. Once an overnight security guard starts to patrol the premises, thieves will pick a different target.

4. Provide Late-Shift Employees with an Escort

If your company operates overnight, your employees may be concerned about traveling to and from their cars for breaks and shift changes. Parking lot security services include having a guard stay overnight and walking people safely to their cars. A guard can also screen late-night visitors to make sure they have a right to be on the property.

5. Respond Quickly if a Crime Occurs

Crimes can still happen with a security guard on-site. When they do, you need someone who can quickly respond when incidents are occurring and call the local authorities. A nighttime security guard can call for a police or fire response and provide emergency responders with critical information that helps them get the situation under control.

6. Create a Safe & Inviting Environment

You might own a business that’s open late into the night, such as a bar, restaurant, or hotel. When you have people coming and going at all hours, you need to consider the possibility of crime. People tend to go where they feel safe. If they know a guard is around, they’ll be more likely to visit your business at any time of day or night.

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