Are There Any Disadvantages to Having Security Guards in Santee, CA

There are a few myths that surround the security industry. Some people claim there are disadvantages to hiring security guards, such as the services being too expensive. However, it doesn’t take long to realize these claims simply don’t offset all the benefits security guards provide. Identifying your concerns and exploring how security guards can address each one will allow you to see the value of hiring their services to help with your safety needs.

Save Money by Deterring Theft

Money is often a concern when you’re hosting an event or working with a company’s budget. While it may seem cheaper to skimp on security, the truth is you could end up losing thousands of dollars if a criminal manages to access your property and steal large sums of money or equipment. Security guards can be hired for a single large event, or you can use San Diego security guard services around the clock. These options give you the flexibility to meet your needs for security and find a way to keep it budget-friendly.

Improve the Effectiveness of Camera Systems

You may also hear some people claim camera systems are cheaper and more effective than hiring an actual guard. While cameras do serve a role in the security industry, they aren’t always as effective as you might think. A high-quality camera system can be expensive yet fail to cover all areas of your property. When you hire security guards, they can work with the existing camera system to identify potential gaps in its coverage. You can also have guards monitor the footage in real time so they can be proactive and respond to a crime before or while it’s happening.

Avoid Upsetting Guests with Undercover Guards

There’s also the concern a security guard might deter people from visiting your business if they think it has a high risk of crime. Or people might feel uncomfortable being monitored as they shop or attend a high-profile wedding. Security guards can arrive at your location in plain clothes so they blend in with the crowd. While you’ll know security is present, no one else has to be aware of it unless the guards need to act fast to respond to an emergency. In that case, most people will appreciate you taking the steps to make sure they stay safe.

Hire Security Guards Who Perform Patrols

A security guard nodding off while a crime is happening might be funny in the movies, but no one wants this actually happening in real life. If you’ve heard security guards are lazy or can’t be trusted, it will be reassuring to know the truth. Security guards are required to follow specific protocols that include conducting regular patrols, logging their locations in reports, and responding to contact from their supervisors as well as the people managing the property or events. Knowing the security guard is actively working at your site gives you peace of mind about what’s happening on the property.

Your top priority is the safety of your business, your employees, and your customers, so it’s crucial to make sure you have effective security in place. Guards are a practical option, so if you need to hire security, turn to the professionals at Eagle Eye Security, one of the most trusted security companies in San Diego, CA. For help with any of your security needs, call one of our knowledgeable representatives today at (619) 278-9990.