armed security guards in Dana Point and Fountain Valley, CA.

Armed security guards can provide benefits and peace of mind for parents, students, faculty, and administration in the school area. Gun violence and physical bullying have become prevalent in recent years. This is why it is important to hire certified professionals who can mitigate the risks of violence for children. Here are the top benefits of armed school security guards:

Reduced incidences of violence: Professional security guards can keep an eye on students, faculty, and guests constantly. They can warn the administration about crime and persistent social issues in hallways and classrooms. Their assistance can do everything from stopping theft to helping a depressed student.

Reduced bullying and fighting: Apart from preventing criminals or serial killers, security guards also reduce bullying, fighting, and other forms of violence among schoolchildren. Security guards can handle a situation without wielding firearms. If a fight takes place, security guards can break it up safely. If a student feels bullied or threatened, security guards can serve as safe adults to discuss the problem with them.

Emergency assistance: On-call assistance during an emergency is another benefit of armed security guards. Security guards can be the first one to help if any student want CPR or emergency medical care. They can raise the alarm for emergency medical technicians. Guards should respond quickly to an emergency.

Increased observation of schoolchildren: Armed security guards can observe schoolchildren properly. They take note of depressed ones or aggressive ones. Most cases of school shootings involve those who are depressed for a long time. Also, security officers can watch out for depressed children and report them to the school authorities for needed action.

Security boost: Armed security guards work with teachers to boost the overall security in schools. Teachers can be the first to handle a situation. They should inform security guards who can handle the situation. Come to Eagle Eye Security to hire armed security guards in Dana Point and Fountain Valley, CA.

Security checks on strangers and schoolchildren: Armed security guards should check on strangers before allowing them to enter the school premises. They need to ensure that strangers are not carrying deadly weapons or having dangerous intents. Security guards need to check the bags of schoolchildren for dangerous weapons like knives, guns, and so on. Professional security guards can help schoolchildren during distress situations. Contact Eagle Eye Security to get armed security guards in Dana Point and Fountain Valley, CA. Visit our website to get more details about our company. Call us on (619)-278-9990 to get more details.