Common Security Issues at Banks in Santee, CA

Criminals tend to go where the money is, and everyone knows banks are where large sums of money are stored and managed throughout each day. Although banks tend to have security systems in place from the very beginning, it’s common for holes to develop in their plans that can lead to costly damage and even harm to humans in the vicinity of criminal activity. The experts from Eagle Eye Security, one of the premier San Diego security companies, explain how being aware of these five common security issues can increase the safety of the banks you manage.

1. In-Person Fraud

Despite more surveillance cameras, robberies are still on the rise. In fact, some of the pandemic protocols, such as wearing masks, have made it easier for criminals to commit robberies. In addition to robberies, bank fraud can also take the form of impersonations and forgeries. Security guards can watch out for suspicious behavior and prevent crimes before they happen. They can also verify your bank’s customers’ identities.

2. Blind Spots

Many banks have outdated camera systems, and a security guard can let you know if yours needs to be updated. It’s common for surveillance systems to go unmonitored during staff shortages or breaks. It’s also possible that certain parts of the building aren’t monitored by cameras, and the tellers can’t see every angle of the building. Security guards can move around the building to keep a watchful eye on the areas where there are clear security vulnerabilities.

3. Cybersecurity

Employee access to online banking systems is critical for managing daily transactions. However, it’s possible for a disgruntled employee to misuse the system, and security professionals can keep a watchful eye on all staff activity. They can also manage password security and onboarding and exit procedures to make sure only the right people have access to your bank’s computer systems at all times.

4. Parking Lot Safety

One of the most vulnerable times during banking hours is when employees are locking up and leaving for the day. At this point, it’s often dark, and only a few members of the staff may be present. Robbers may take advantage of this moment for breaking in. It’s also common for criminals to observe people coming in and out of a bank so they can rob them at their cars. Having a security guard patrolling the parking area or walking employees out of the building deters criminal activity.

5. After-Hours Security

Most banks have ATMs and small indoor lobby areas that are open to customers at night. Cameras in these areas typically can’t do anything to prevent a crime—they only provide information if one happens. Security teams that provide after-hours services can make sure anyone who visits your bank late at night is safe from becoming the victim of a crime.

Security guards are an absolute necessity for banks, not only because they provide protection for the institutions but also because they make customers feel safer. If you need to hire reliable, high-quality security services in San Diego, CA, reach out to the security experts at Eagle Eye Security today. We’re a premier provider of exceptional security guard services for all types of businesses. For a free quote, call us today at (619) 278-9990.