hire hospital security guards in Fountain Valley, CA

It is tough to maintain hospital security these years. Safety and security have become vital needs that every hospital authority needs to meet constantly. Every hospital management should take necessary measures to minimize criminal activity around the premises. Theft, violence, and other illicit behaviors need attention quickly without any delay. Hiring hospital security guards is a common move to maintain peace and order on the premises around the clock.

It is the hospital security guard’s responsibility to help protect sensitive areas such as emergency rooms, OPD(Outpatient Department), intensive care areas, and the behavioral health departments. When an intruder tries to enter these areas without consent, security guards must handle the state carefully. They must investigate any suspicious characters right away and collect evidence about the incursion. Such a step can prevent the danger and chaos that can disrupt the peaceful aura of the facility. Security guards can operate CCTV cameras as well. This way, they can check visitors to add an extra layer of safety around the premises.

Theft and child abductions are a real cause for concern for every hospital authority. Just like the financial and educational sectors, the healthcare sector can become prone to horrible cases. Security guards can minimize child abduction risk by patrolling hospital premises such as newborn nurseries and pediatric wards. They can keep strict acuity on unusual activities to lower the crime rate around the area. Contact Eagle Eye security to hire hospital security guards in Fountain Valley, CA.

Hospitals can maintain proper security over parking areas by deploying a good and skillful team of security guards, but they cannot help reduce criminal activities around the parking area. To have control over the parking lot, security guards guide the traffic flow, speeders, and turn-away trespassers. When there is a presence of security guards, it becomes easier for ambulances and other emergency services to find a quick way through the parking lot. Come to Eagle Eye security to get hospital security guards in Fountain Valley, CA.

People are unable to control their emotions, sentiments, and anger on hospital premises. When a person dies in a hospital, people become emotionally intense which can lead to chaotic and unpleasant scenarios. Short-tampered people often attack or harm doctors, nurses and visitors. Without the presence of security guards, it becomes tricky to handle such a situation.

Healthcare is an industry where a lot of guards look to serve. There are around 6,000 hospitals and 18,000 total healthcare facilities available in the U.S. The industry spends around $1 trillion every year. The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated industries in the United States. Before getting into the healthcare business, you need to decide on the role of a security company in the healthcare facility. You must discuss thoroughly with security services the security system you want in place. Everything they do-from patrols, to incident management and response- needs to serve the mission and vision of care that your healthcare organization wants in place.

You need to ask them questions about specific security systems they can provide to you. Video monitoring is one of the most effective psychological safeguards for healthcare security. Physical safeguards come with things like actual security officers, security cameras, and lighting. Regular patrolling can make difference in your security. You need to hire security guards who will conduct regular patrols, make common checkpoint types, and have a good reporting system.

There are some areas in the hospital that needs to be well protected.

Inpatient facilities: These areas have a lot to overlap between patients, visitors, and employees. You need to put high-risk services on the layout and foot traffic of the areas.

Emergency departments: A lot of chaos and high emotion goes on in emergency departments. It is crucial to have a calming presence and maintain the order of the premise while keeping access to the right people. Hospitals are 24/7 area. Hence, it is important to keep in mind constant internal and external access points for ambulatory and non-ambulatory operations.

Behavioral and mental health areas: These areas can have a higher risk of violence as the condition of a patient requires different security responses.

Pharmacies: Narcotics and controlled substances can increase the risk of theft and have some unique risks in the environment. It is important to have extensive physical safeguards and guard training in place.

Cash collection areas: There could be high risk in cash collection areas. Internal theft can be an as big problem as visitor/ patient robbery. You need to inform security guards about the collection, transportation, and storage of money.

Infant/pediatric facilities: Infants and pediatric patients are quite vulnerable. Although it is rare, infant abduction is a real threat. Having proper security systems is the key to crime prevention. Also, you should have an extensive risk mitigation plan such as video monitoring, access control, staff training, and response planning. Contact Eagle Eye Security to get hospital security guards in Fountain Valley, CA.

Protected health information: Hospitals store a lot of private information about patients. It is the security officer’s responsibility to protect confidential patient information at all costs. Patrol and training can help protect all information physically and digitally. Come to Eagle Eye Security to hire hospital security guards in Fountain Valley, CA. Patient violence: Patient-generated violence is a real problem at all healthcare facilities. A recent survey done in 2019 revealed that 72% of emergency nurses have been hit and kicked on the job. They also found that 48% of emergency physicians have also been assaulted by patients. Experienced security guards need to protect doctors and nurses from sudden patient violence.

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