Violence on school property can affect the lives of students, teachers, staff, and parents. It can impact the learning quality and damage the overall environment of a school. However, it is the school administration’s responsibility to protect students and staff. If you are running a school, then you must increase your school’s security to the fullest. Here are the top ways to improve school safety:

Secure the perimeter: To ensure your school’s safety, you must check the interior and exterior of the property. Designated parking lots and student drop-off zones are some of the essential areas that need to be secured. You need to install fences and gates to maximize safety around the property. Install a video surveillance system that can monitor every corner of your property 24/7.

Keep your school’s exterior well-lit: Place adequate lighting strategically in different places to protect students, staff, and the building. Take help from an expert who can install automated and programmable lighting control technology to ensure sufficient visibility in walkways and other dark areas of the property.

Control access points: To maintain security, you can establish one main entrance for all students, staff, and visitors by limiting other access doors into the building. This way, security guards can keep better track of who enters and leaves the premises. However, there should be an emergency exit point that can be used in case of emergencies. You must take precautions to prevent everyone from using these exits.

Ensure all areas are locked: It is important to keep unoccupied areas closed off and locked when not in use. This way, you can prohibit trespassing in locked parts of the building. By implementing a key control system, you can manage all keys and duplicates. Also, reduce the number of individuals who have the responsibility for locking and unlocking the building.

Improve school-community partnerships: It is important to ensure that the school is located in a safe area. Security communities such as neighborhood watch programs and police surveillance can promote the safety of students outside the school premises. Take help from Eagle Eye Security to hire school security guards in Sherman Oaks, CA.

It is important to monitor your school’s interior as well. Security guards should be deployed in enclosed stairways and common areas like hallways, cafeterias, and playgrounds. Also, install surveillance cameras strategically around the school property. Contact Eagle Eye Security to get school security guards in Sherman Oaks, CA. Visit our website to get more information about our company. Call us on (619) 278-9990 to get more details.