Security Mistakes You Don't Want to Make in Santee, CA

An impenetrable security plan is essential for protecting your company from common threats. While the biggest mistake you can make with security is thinking you don’t need to worry about it at all, there are others you might overlook. Being aware of these mistakes ensures you don’t skip over an essential element in your company’s security plan.

1. Don’t Overlook Important Entry Points

Obviously, the front and back doors are a concern. However, you don’t want to go so overboard with cameras and security in these places that you forget about other critical areas. Many companies have large storage areas outside that hold more valuable assets and equipment. Or your building may have side doors and windows that aren’t difficult to get in. Securing all of these areas is important for a well-rounded security strategy.

2. Make Sure to Include Internal Threats in Your Plans

Ideally, your company should be able to trust everyone it employs. However, some of the biggest threats to security can come from people you’ve invited to come through the doors every day. You might need to consider having security monitor cameras or sales floors for signs of nefarious employee activity, such as theft. Having a security guard escort employees out of the building and collect ID tags following dismissals can also cut down on problems from the inside.

3. Avoid Focusing on Only One Main Security Strategy

Your company’s investment in security cameras is a good one, but don’t let the screens leave you so mesmerized that you don’t think about anything else. A strong security plan includes several methods that all work together to keep everything safer. For instance, you might need to hire a security guard to monitor those cameras so crimes are prevented rather than just being reported. You’ll also want to have sturdy locks on the doors to stop people from breaking in.

4. Think beyond Just Criminal Activity

A secure workplace is also free of other potential risks to people’s safety. San Diego security guards can check for workplace hazards such as wet floors or sparking electrical panels. They can also calm down a rapidly escalating argument between a customer and a staff member before it resorts to violence.

5. Be Ready to Adapt to Changing Circumstances

Just because something is working now doesn’t mean it will be what you need in the future. As your business operations change, you’ll need a security plan that’s flexible enough to adapt to new threats. For instance, you might need to secure valuables if your company starts transporting goods from one place to another.

6. Never Overlook the Influence of Human Flaws on Cybersecurity

Your employees may go the extra mile, but they may still be vulnerable to making dangerous security mistakes. Usually, this occurs in the area of cybersecurity when an employee gives someone else his or her passcode or fails to log out of a computer containing sensitive information. Cybersecurity guards can keep things updated and perform regular checks to make sure no part of this essential plan is compromised.

No business can afford to take its security for granted, and mistakes can be costly. Eagle Eye Security, one of the leading security agencies in San Diego, can assess your security needs and devise a plan that will fit your business’s unique security requirements. To talk to one of our experienced representatives, call us today at (619) 278-9990.