You’ve likely seen commercial security guards hard at work at one time or another. These dedicated professionals are found in building lobbies, banks, parking lots, and hospitals, at concerts and similar events, and in many other publicly accessible places. But you may not be fully aware of the basic duties of a commercial security guard. Read on to learn about some of the more common responsibilities, as explained by the experts from Eagle Eye Security, the commercial security company San Diego business owners rely on for exceptional professionalism and outstanding service.

Enforcing Laws & Rules

The main duty of a commercial security guard is to make sure anyone entering a certain space is following the law and any rules that may apply. In a corporate lobby, this may mean making sure guests sign in before being allowed to go to other parts of the building or get on the elevators.

Responding to Emergencies

Commercial security guards are trained to respond quickly in a variety of emergency situations. This could include situations that pose immediate personal threats to individuals as well as instances when people need basic first aid until medical assistance arrives. Additionally, security guards are trained to be observant and, when possible, prevent emergency situations from occurring.

Protecting Property

Keeping an eye on the property being guarded is another basic and important duty of commercial security guards. This is often done with security checks of lobbies, floors normally only accessible by employees, parking lots, hallways, and immediate areas outside a building or facility.

Managing Access

Commercial security guards are often gatekeepers in the sense that they control access to buildings or certain areas. Duties of this nature typically involve checking employee IDs and asking guests or visitors where they’re going or who they’re there to see.

Monitoring Surveillance Systems & Alarms

In today’s high-tech world, commercial security guards often get assistance from surveillance systems. For this reason, a common duty for guards is to monitor what various cameras are seeing at any given time. They also typically check out alarms to make sure they’re set and investigate any triggered alarms.

Preparing/Filing Incident & Activity Reports

Duties falling into this category may involve daily reports of activities or a log showing the names of all visitors or guests. Also, if there are any security incidents, it’s common for a commercial security guard to prepare and file a report detailing what happened. Depending on the nature of the incident, this could involve giving any known information to law enforcement officials.

Restoring or Maintaining Order

Should an incident occur, commercial security guards are often tasked with helping everyone stay calm. This typically means doing everything possible to restore order as the incident or situation is dealt with.

Addressing Customer Service Needs

Since they’re often posted near entrance points, commercial security guards are often asked to greet visitors, employees, and anyone else entering a building, office, designated area, or event. Customer service duties a security guard performs could also extend to answering phones and providing directions for guests, attendees, and visitors. 

Commercial security guards can provide business owners, employees, and visitors with a sense of safety and security. If you’re in need of high-quality commercial security service in San Diego, look no further than the experienced professionals from Eagle Eye Security. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990.