Can Security Guards Use Pepper Spray in Santee, CA

Security guards typically try to do everything they can to prevent criminal acts from reaching the point of violence. Reputable guards spend time receiving training that teaches them how to deescalate situations that are increasing in tension. Yet they may not always be able to stop violent acts without stepping up with some might of their own. Pepper spray is a common tool security guards use to prevent escalating situations from worsening. Below, the experts from Eagle Eye Security, one of the top security companies in San Diego, discuss the benefits, risks, and restrictions associated with security guards using pepper spray.

Understand the Benefits & Risks of Using Pepper Spray

There’s no way around the fact that getting pepper spray in your eyes hurts. This type of spray is considered to be a nonlethal way to stop a criminal’s dangerous acts. While the spray does cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, the effects are temporary and will usually wear off after the person is subdued. However, using pepper spray does come with a few risks, such as accidentally getting in an innocent person’s eyes. In rare instances, the spray could cause an allergic reaction or asthma attack.

Know the Common Restrictions Regarding Pepper Spray

In most states, security guards can carry and use pepper spray. However, there may be some restrictions regarding how they can legally do so. For instance, California requires security guards to go through special training that allows them to carry chemical agents. During this training, security guards learn how to avoid common mistakes people make when they use pepper spray. They also learn how to manage and address a situation in which a person has a serious reaction to the spray. Although a person might be engaged in a criminal act, it’s still the guard’s duty to make sure the other person is okay.

Determine if Pepper Spray Is a Preferable Deterrent

Pepper spray is more discreet and tends to generate less of a strong reaction from others than a handgun does. In some cases, you might prefer to keep firearms away from a location or special event. For instance, you might request a guard who carries pepper spray to watch over an event that has a lot of children or other people who are uncomfortable around handguns. However, there are other times when you may need an armed guard, such as when transporting expensive goods or large amounts of money.

Choose Security Guards with High Levels of Training

No matter which type of weapons your guards have, you need to know the guards are fully aware of the best practices for handling those weapons. Always make sure the guards you hire have undergone training regarding any tools they bring to the site. Working with guards who take their responsibilities seriously lets you know they’ll react properly to threatening situations in a way that keeps everyone nearby safe.

Because your top priority is the safety of your home or business, you may find it necessary to hire professional security guards who carry more than just pepper spray. Armed guards are a practical option, and if you need to hire armed security, turn to the professionals at Eagle Eye Security. To learn more about our San Diego armed security services, give us a call today at (619) 278-9990. One of our experienced representatives would be happy to answer your questions and provide a free quote.