Corporate security guards work for private companies where they’re called upon to keep people safe and make it possible to maintain normal business operations. While a security guard may be required to perform many different duties, you’ll typically see corporate guards handling specific responsibilities. Knowing exactly what corporate security guards do helps you understand how they can help your company. The experts from Eagle Eye Security, the commercial security company San Diego business owners rely on for exceptional professionalism and outstanding service, explain what you can expect when you hire a corporate security guard.

Protect Sensitive Company Information

Every company has information they prefer to keep private. Employee records are often protected under privacy laws, and no company wants to have their trade secrets exposed. A corporate security guard may be called upon to ensure all essential records are secure. This could mean making sure hard copies of documents are secured in locked storage units. A corporate security guard may also perform cybersecurity tasks, such as making sure the company’s online records are protected with secure passwords and data encryption.

Guard Building Entrances & Exits

Corporate buildings often have multiple entrance and exit points. While there may be a main designated entrance for clients, visitors, and employees, it’s likely there are other areas where people may enter the building. For instance, cleaning and maintenance teams might use a back entrance to access the property as they do their work. Corporate security guards make sure all electronic monitoring systems work properly. They can also monitor who attempts to enter the building while checking employee badges and other forms of identification to make sure people only go where they’re permitted.

Enforce Loss Prevention Strategies

Corporate entities often have valuable assets that include both intellectual and physical property. A security guard may be directed to focus on making sure employees don’t leave with any valuable property. This may be done by monitoring employees’ whereabouts, helping terminated employees gather their belongings and leave the building, and serving at security checkpoints. Corporate guards can also be available to oversee any business operations that deal with assets of significant value.

Ensure Staff & Client Safety

Large corporations are often located in massive complexes that make it difficult to keep every area secure. For instance, an employee may need to walk across a large parking lot, which can be dangerous if the individual is working late at night. Your company may also have VIPs who are known for having celebrity status or being extremely wealthy. These clients may be targets for theft and other criminal activity that’s designed to take advantage of their wealth. 

Corporate security guards can also make sure staff members and clients are provided with personalized services, such as walking people to and from their vehicles, assisting with transporting valuables to and from the building, and double-checking secure areas of the property to make sure only authorized people enter. 

Corporate security guards can provide business owners, employees, and visitors with a sense of safety and security. If you’re in need of high-quality commercial security service in San Diego, look no further than the experienced professionals from Eagle Eye Security. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990.