Are HOAs Responsible for Security in Santee, CA

Many homeowners prefer to live in neighborhoods with HOAs that ensure everyone does their part to maintain a safe and comfortable community. While HOAs are typically known for making sure everyone mows their lawns and avoids unsightly paint colors on buildings, there’s sometimes confusion regarding who’s responsible for planning for security. The answer to this question varies from one community to another, and knowing who’s responsible helps you make the best plans for keeping your neighborhood safe.

Know What’s in the Community Documents

The HOA’s community bylaws and covenants are your go-to source for finding out what your community views as each person’s or entity’s responsibility for security. For example, you might find your covenants specify homeowners are responsible for making sure security gates are used appropriately, while the HOA takes responsibility for ensuring they’re repaired in a timely manner.

Play an Active Role in Your Personal Safety as a Resident

If you’re a homeowner, you don’t have to wait around for the HOA to make a security decision. Many homeowners hire security guards to conduct vehicle patrols by their homes when they’re out of town. During a visit to your property, a security guard can make sure there are no signs of forced entry. In addition to arranging for guard patrol security, San Diego homeowners can also keep their homes secure by making sure they’re well lit at night and have working alarm systems.

Identify Security Risks in Your Community

There are several areas in communities that are known for security threats. Many thieves are aware people may be picking up packages or mail that contains money at the community mailbox. Or a criminal might note there are certain parts of your community that aren’t visible to the general public, such as an out-of-the-way jogging path. Taking a good look at your community can help you identify where things might need to improve. Some of these things could be something you can advocate for your HOA to handle, such as adding more lights in an alleyway or increasing security patrols during times when people are picking up their mail.

Be Proactive about Responding to New Community Threats

Crime is constantly evolving, and it’s possible your HOA can do more to keep everyone safer. HOAs typically hold meetings where everyone can speak up about issues that are affecting their community. Whether you’ve noticed more porch pirate activity or are concerned about safety when people are using the clubhouse late at night, speaking up can help everyone begin working on a solution. Many HOAs employ security teams that make sure only residents enter gated neighborhoods and authorized individuals are removing things from porches. Encouraging everyone to take an active part in crime prevention often begins with one person raising concerns that resonate with others within the community.

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