Do You Need a Guard Card to Work Security in California in Santee, CA

In California, the opportunity to serve as a security guard is taken seriously. People will depend on you to protect their safety and prevent theft. At times, you may be called upon to do things such as detain a criminal or perform emergency services. For this reason, the state does require you to obtain a Guard Card that demonstrates your ability to perform your duties with the public’s safety in mind. 

Knowing how to secure this important document helps you begin your career on solid footing while also demonstrating to potential employers that you’re fully prepared to be a trustworthy and responsible security guard. The security experts at Eagle Eye Security, one of the premier security companies in San Diego, CA, offer a closer look at how to obtain a Guard Card in California.

Make Sure You Meet the General Requirements

The requirements to file your application are fairly simple. You’ll need to be at least 18 years old, and you’ll need to have a clean criminal history that doesn’t include having a violent felony or misdemeanor on your record. If you’ve been convicted of a crime that doesn’t include violence, your situation will be assessed on an individual basis. The people in charge of approving your application will check for things such as proof you’ve sought rehabilitation services to determine if you’ll receive your Guard Card.

Complete Your Initial Training Online

You’ll need to go through eight hours of training before you complete your application. The first part of your training covers the topic of having the power to arrest. This course is four hours long and can be completed at an approved physical location or online. You’ll also need to take a course on weapons of mass destruction. As with the other course, this one is four hours long, and you have the option of taking it virtually or on-site. You’ll need to take a test after these courses to demonstrate proficiency.

Get Fingerprinted

Currently, you don’t have to submit to a drug test to receive your Guard Card. However, you’ll need to submit your LiveScan fingerprints as part of the application process. This allows the Federal Bureau of Investigation and California Department of Justice to complete a full criminal background check.

Finish Your Training

The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services usually processes Guard Card applications within one to two months. However, many guards receive their approval within just a few days. While you wait, your information is available on their website so potential employers can see that you’ve registered with the agency. 

Once your card is issued, you’ll still have to finish the final required portion of your training. You’ll need to complete 16 more hours of training within the first 30 days of having your Guard Card approved, and then you’ll have six months to complete the final 16 hours of training. Your Guard Card is valid for two years. After that, you’ll have 60 days to renew your registration. Keeping your Guard Card up to date pays off, since allowing it to lapse requires you to go through the whole process all over again.

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