Security Guard Duties & Equipment They Need in Santee, CA

Security guards are entrusted with keeping facilities and people safe, which may include patrolling areas, increasing safety at events, and monitoring corporate or industrial facilities. Depending on their locations and assigned duties, guards may need the following types of equipment.

Specialized Clothing

Security guards often require uniforms to alert the public to their protective roles at the facilities where they’re assigned. They may need reflective clothing for safety. Some industrial sites, such as electronics facilities, may require guards to enter clean rooms in “bunny suits” with slippers and head coverings. Guards may require coats as well as hats or watch caps that provide adequate warmth while still identifying their roles to the public. They need shoes or boots that are comfortable—possibly with steel toes, depending on the site. They often also require heavy-duty belts, such as those issued to police officers, that allow for multiple tools to be carried. They may require gloves for warmth or latex gloves if they’re required to place their hands on suspects.

Basic Tools

Most all guards need flashlights for night work. Some worksites require guards to have handguns (for example, businesses that hire San Diego armed private security), pepper spray, or batons for physical safety. Many sites utilize walkie-talkies. Today, many guards need cell phones to report suspicious activity to the police or the proper employees at the facilities. An alarm or whistle that can be carried is often advisable. Guards may need sets of keys or access to passcodes for the facilities.

Reporting Tools

Guards often require clipboards, pens, reporting forms, and digital cameras. The latter can be utilized to provide evidence of criminal activity or problems at a facility. Guards may also need access to copy machines. Another important reporting tool is a guard tour system, which ensures guards have made their rounds at the appointed times and thoroughly checked the facilities. Older guard tour systems used heavy clocks the guards carried, and keys were at each location on their rounds. As the guard approached each location, he or she turned the key present there in the clock to prove he or she had inspected each portion of the facility. Today, new guard tour systems utilize QR or barcodes read by smartphones carried by the security officers. The advantage of the newer systems is that guards can communicate about problems immediately in real time as needed. Also, the physical locations of the guards in facilities can be monitored in the event of problems.

Surveillance Devices

Guards may need binoculars, vehicles, audio and video recording devices, closed-circuit TV systems, security pass code devices, or metal detectors. There may also need to be physical barriers erected by the guard shack if the officers are expected to monitor ingress and egress to the facility.

Hiring professional guards can provide businesses, residential communities, and event attendees with a sense of safety and security. If you need to hire high-quality San Diego guard security, look no further than the experienced professionals from Eagle Eye Security. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990.