How Should Security Guards Behave in Santee, CA

In the movies, security guards are often depicted as being almost as threatening as the criminals. While guards should be ready to take charge of situations, they also need to remember they’re often working with the general public. High-quality security guards are trained to behave in certain ways according to where they’re stationed and the responsibilities involved in their patrols. The security experts at Eagle Eye Security, one of the premier security companies in San Diego, explain the behaviors you should expect displayed by any security guard you hire.

Be Visible when Required

Visibility is a huge part of keeping a building secure and people safe. In many instances, seeing a security guard on-site is all it takes to get someone to change his or her mind about engaging in criminal behavior. A security guard’s uniform, general location, and body language are all used to generate a visible security presence.

Blend in during Undercover Duty

There may be times when you prefer not to have a uniformed guard. Weddings and other private events are examples of situations where a guard might dress like the other people who are present and act casually. You may also prefer to have undercover security guards patrol shopping malls and other areas where large crowds gather. In these situations, you can trust the guard is still alert even if he or she must briefly engage in pleasantries with the guests. If a situation arises, the guard will spring into action and reveal him or herself as a security guard.

Maintain a Helpful Demeanor

Security guards are often employed by companies that need someone to monitor who enters and exits the building or property. For example, guards may check employee IDs or assist with checking in guests for appointments. During these types of interactions, the security guard should remain congenial and provide guidance. Since security guards are often a person’s first experience with visiting a company, they’ll want to make sure they represent the best the business has to offer.

Stay Alert at All Times

Seeing a security guard snoozing in a movie is comical, but this behavior isn’t funny when it comes to deterring crime. Security guards should always be awake, aware, and ready to watch out for signs of problems. They often perform visual scans of areas and people to look for clues that something is amiss. They’re also likely to be the first ones to notice if someone sends an alert signal regarding an emergency.

Respond Quickly to Potential Threats

A security guard must also be capable of dealing with issues that arise. Guards should maintain their composure and act swiftly if they witness criminal activity or see someone having another type of emergency. Since security guards never know what they might encounter, you’ll want to see they’re trained to respond to a variety of situations with authority.

At Eagle Eye Security, we hold our guards to the highest standards of professionalism to ensure the safety of the people and property we’re hired to protect. If you’d like to know more about our exceptional security guard services in San Diego, give us a call today at (619) 278-9990. One of our experienced representatives would be happy to answer your questions and provide a free quote.