Security guards can serve in stationary positions, such as in guard booths at apartment complexes. While this works for many purposes, there are times when it makes more sense to have a security guard patrol an area in a vehicle. Having the ability to drive expands the amount of territory a security guard can cover. Guards employed by San Diego security companies can also choose to drive marked vehicles that make sure everyone is aware of their presence. Security guards can frequently be seen using vehicles in these common situations.

Monitor Large Parking Areas

Many commercial buildings have large parking lots that may be difficult to patrol on foot. Security guards can easily drive through a crowded parking lot to check for signs of people in distress or to make sure only authorized people are parking in the area. Since parking lots are a prime spot for criminal activity, just having a security guard driving around can stop criminals from breaking into vehicles or assaulting people who are walking late at night.

Drive through Residential Communities

Security cameras are a major asset for homeowners and multifamily residential complexes. However, they may not always capture crimes in action. HOAs, property management companies, and other residential governing bodies often hire vehicle patrols as a service for the residents who live in the community. If a security guard sees suspicious activity, he or she can contact the local authorities and possibly gather photographic evidence to help police catch the criminal.

Check the Perimeters of Large Commercial Buildings

Many industrial buildings are simply too large to check their perimeters by patrolling on foot. For example, a building that houses a factory might have multiple entry points that need to be watched over throughout the day and night. For these situations, a guard might drive from one entrance to another while also getting out to inspect locks and other security measures.

Increase Student Safety on College Campuses

Sprawling college campuses pose similar issues for guards as big industrial complexes do. You’ll often see security guards driving around college campuses to make sure students are safe as they walk through the parking lots. They may also use their vehicles to get from one building to another, where they may then go inside to perform routine security checks.

Guard Construction Equipment & Materials

Large-scale construction projects often require companies to leave their equipment and materials out in the open, where they’re a prime target for theft. A security guard can drive through these areas at regular intervals to make it clear to anyone who may be thinking about committing a crime that the area is under surveillance. Security guards can also deter curious trespassers from walking through unfinished buildings, where they may get hurt. Since the guard is in a vehicle, he or she can cover more of the construction site during the patrol so no one slips through the cracks. 

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