Recent research indicates that security threats have increased a lot in the last few years. A survey conducted by the American Society of Health Care Engineering (ASHE) and the international association for Healthcare Security and Safety (ISAHSS) revealed that violence and trespassing in hospital areas are on the rise. Hospitals have faced massive security concerns during the pandemic. Security experts believe that hospital security needs to be increased in the future. Performing risk assessment regularly can help you to gain insights into security threats. Hospital owners need to take proper security measures to keep staff, patients, and their families safe and secure. It is the hospital security guard’s job to provide a safe and secure environment for staff, patients, and visitors.

Almost all hospitals are equipped with surveillance systems to maintain proper security. However, surveillance cameras are always not enough. It is important to have the presence of on-site security guards. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health(NIOSH), healthcare and social service workers have a high risk of facing job-related violence. Private security guards can address threats more immediately than surveillance cameras. Come to Eagle Eye Security to hire hospital security guards in Oceanside and Poway, CA.

The presence of security guards can prevent potential offenders from committing the crime. If physical altercations take place on the premises, trained security officers can handle it quickly and address the situation before anything harmful take place.

Hospitals can be an easy target for vandalism and petty theft. Criminals can intrude on the property quite easily if it doesn’t have tight security. A security guard’s presence can deter criminals effectively and ensure no one can intrude on the property. Medications are often stolen from hospital premises. It is a serious crime and well-trained security guards can handle such situations. Child abductions are another common occurrence in hospitals. Contact Eagle Eye Security to get experienced hospital security guards in Oceanside and Poway, CA.

Criminals can often sneak into the hospital premises to abduct newborn children undetected. Patrolling security guards can deter activities such as these by providing an extra layer of protection for the infants. Security guards can stop inappropriate behaviors such as harassment and violence inside the hospital premises. It is the security guard’s job to discourage people from doing inappropriate behavior. Visit our website to get more information about our company. Call us on (619) 278-9990 to get more details.