hospital security guards in Santa Clarita, CA.

A recent report indicates that threats are on the rise in hospitals in the last few years. According to research done by the American Society of Health Care Engineering (ASHE) and the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS), rising violence and trespassing is a cause for concern for every hospital authority today. Installing surveillance cameras is not enough. It is crucial to hire professional security guards who can address all potential threats more immediately than surveillance cameras. Here are the top benefits of hiring professional security guards in hospitals:

Addressing physical violence: Violent incidents frequently occur in hospitals. These situations often take place inside the hospital premises.  In the last few years, the rates of physical violence have skyrocketed across the country. Incidents such as harassments, threats, or assaults have become a regular thing around the hospital premises. The presence of security guards can deter the potential offender from committing crimes around hospital premises as there will be a high probability of them getting caught. Trained security guards can quickly address any physical violence and de-escalate the situation before any serious harm is done.

Controlling theft: Vandalism and petty theft are common occurrences on hospital premises. Therefore, it is important to have tight security that can deter theft and ensure any attempts of theft are caught quickly. Also, medication often gets stolen from hospitals. Guards should be deployed to stop such incidents. It is a serious crime and only guards can properly handle situations like these. Child abductions are another cause for concern for hospital authorities. Without the presence of a security guard, guards can enter the hospital easily and sneak infants out of hospitals undetected.

Reducing disorderly conduct: Non-violent disorderly conduct can ruin the safe environment of the hospital. If any patient or visitor gets belligerent, security guards should take control of the situation quickly before the worst happens. It is not a hospital staff member’s job to deal with unruly visitors. Security officers should control such unfavorable behavior, otherwise, patients of the hospital will ultimately suffer. Take help from Eagle Eye Security to hire hospital security guards in Santa Clarita, CA.

Control entry: Deploying security guards at entrance points can improve the overall security system immensely. Security guards can identify quickly if a suspicious person enters the hospital. They can take appropriate measures, be it following the person, talking to them, or keeping an eye on them using a surveillance system. Trained security guards can deal with several types of confrontation than average people. Contact Eagle Eye Security to get hospital security guards in Santa Clarita, CA. Visit our website to get more information about our company. Call us on (619) 278-9990 to get more details.