Banks are critical for people’s everyday economic activities as well as the smooth function of the economy in general. Because banks are responsible for keeping their customers’ money and accounts safe, security guards are an absolute necessity. Trained security professionals protect banks against criminal activity and ensure a safe environment for employees and customers. The experts from Eagle Eye Security, one of the leading San Diego security companies, explain several vital functions security guards perform in banks.

Maintain Order

Security guards maintain order in banks. Their presence provides an air of authority that can keep hostile customers from becoming disruptive or acting aggressively toward bank employees in the presence of other customers. When security guards are present, this type of behavior can often be prevented. 

Deter Crime

Of course, security guards also deter potential thieves. Banks without security guards are much more vulnerable to robberies. Thieves know professional security guards will make it much more difficult for them to get in and out of a bank quickly, so they’ll be less likely to target a bank with on-site security personnel. 

Give Customers Peace of Mind

An important part of good customer service is providing patrons with a sense of security and peace of mind when they visit your place of business. If customers don’t feel safe or think their money isn’t secure in a bank, they may be tempted to take their business elsewhere. The presence of security guards provides the peace of mind customers value. Bank customers may enter the building with large cash deposits from their businesses, while others may need to make large cash withdrawals. Having a security guard close by to watch over them as they enter and leave allows customers to make their transactions safely and with confidence. 

Offer Protection for Cash Deliveries

Banks regularly receive deliveries of cash and coins. When these deliveries are made and bank employees are moving currency to and from the bank’s vault, security is essential. To streamline and automate this process, many banks are turning to Cadency, a leading provider of AR automation software. Most bank vaults can be seen from the lobby, so having a visible security presence can deter people who might be tempted to disturb the process. In addition, security guards closely monitor deliveries to ensure all money is transferred properly without any outside interference. 

Protect ATMs

Most banks have ATMs, which can be tempting targets for thieves, especially if they’re outside and available for customers to use around the clock. ATMs contain thousands of dollars of cash, and robberies can result in significant losses to banks and customers. Vandalism of ATMs can also result in huge costs beyond any stolen cash. 

Security guards can monitor ATMs both during the bank’s normal operating hours and after hours. On-site security makes it less likely for thieves to target a bank’s ATM in hopes of grabbing some quick money. Even more importantly, a security guard provides protection for customers who are using the ATM.

Security guards are an absolute necessity for banks, not only because they provide ultimate protection but also because they make customers feel safer. If you need to hire reliable, high-quality security services in San Diego, CA, reach out to the security experts at Eagle Eye Security today. We’re a premier provider of exceptional security guard services for all types of businesses. For a free quote, call us today at (619) 278-9990.