Many companies and business owners hire security guard services to prevent crime at their places of business. Trained security guards can significantly increase security and safety at all types of businesses, from small operations to sprawling corporate complexes. Learn how security guards can prevent crime at your business.

Being Available 24/7

When they hire guards from top-tier security companies, San Diego businesses can be protected around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The guards will patrol while you’re on vacation, at work, or asleep at home. Security guards are available on holidays when many companies are closed, so your business will always be safe, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re monitoring your location while you’re away.

Being Visible

The mere presence of a uniformed security guard can deter numerous types of crime. When a professional is visibly guarding your businesses, criminals will think twice before attempting to steal, damage, or vandalize your property. While security cameras may deter some criminal activity, these devices are typically useful only after incidents have occurred. The presence of a guard at your business will also make your employees, customers, and visitors feel more at ease.


Security guards are trained to carefully observe their surroundings and be on the alert for any unusual or suspicious activity. Guards are trained to spot behavior that could indicate a person may be intending to commit a crime, such as trespassing, vandalism, or theft. Careful observation also includes taking note of important details most people might miss, such as suspects’ physical appearance, the make and model of cars, and license plate numbers.

Detaining Potential Criminals

Security guards learn the proper procedures necessary to detain potential suspects while they wait for law enforcement to arrive on the scene. Guards will then turn suspects over to the police and provide eyewitness information about the alleged crimes.

Providing Armed Protection

Some businesses choose to hire security guards who are authorized to carry weapons while they’re on duty. Armed guards provide a powerful deterrent against property crimes such as burglary, and they can also prevent more dangerous criminal acts, such as assault. 

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