No matter how much technology has changed over the years, the reality of the matter is that department stores will still need security guards to ensure they keep product theft to a minimum. However, that can only occur if the guards understand what needs to be done to accomplish this goal. The experts from Eagle Eye Security, one of the leading security companies in San Diego, CA, explain a few ways you can begin to prevent theft within your department store by hiring an experienced security guard firm.

Don’t Rely Solely on Security Cameras

One of the most common mistakes security guards make is relying on cameras too much. Although they can be a deterrent for some criminals, the fact is they’re not always going to be enough. Instead, guards should use cameras to do quick sweeps of the store and begin to use that information to identify areas or people of interest.

Control the Number of People within an Area

It may seem like no big deal to see a large group of people shopping together. However, this is also a tactic shoplifters use to distract employees or hide criminal activity from cameras. To minimize criminal activity, it’s important to control the number of people within any single area. The most problematic areas include sections surrounding dressing rooms and parts of the store that are far away from employees and other customers.

Look Out for Stockpiles

Shoplifters know they’re being constantly watched, especially in large department stores. That’s why more experienced thieves will almost never attempt to steal only one item, as it’s simply not worth getting arrested for. Instead, they’ll attempt to stockpile high-value products near the store’s exits so they can make a quick getaway. Always instruct employees to remove these items from exits as soon as possible.


When it comes to criminals who have been arrested for shoplifting, many of them are well known to security guards. So why do they still end up attempting to steal from stores? The reason is often a lack of communication among security guards. Just because one guard knows about the criminal’s presence doesn’t mean others do as well. This can lead to miscommunication about whether or not a person has been confronted. Security guards should always communicate with each other about people they need to keep an eye on and those who have already been confronted.

Test Alarms Regularly

Although some may think this task is something left for the maintenance crew, checking alarms on a weekly basis is perhaps the best way to ensure security measures are working as they should. This should include everything from the security tag detectors at the front of the store to the alarms on stockroom doors.

If you’re concerned about preventing theft in your department store, you can rely on the professionalism of the highly trained security guards from Eagle Eye Security. In addition to exceptional commercial security guard services in San Diego, we also offer residential security services and guards for corporate events. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990 for a free quote.