Well-informed and highly trained security guards can prevent situations from escalating into life-threatening incidents and stave off costly vandalism and robberies. In addition to preventing crimes, trained guards can improve customer service, create calmer environments, and handle various issues effectively and efficiently. Below, the experts from Eagle Eye Security, one of the premier security companies in San Diego, California, discuss some of the ways trained security guards can deter vandals.

1. Respond Quickly

The most beneficial aspect of having trained security guards at your business or event is their presence. In some cases, the authority of certified guards is enough to scare away vandals, preventing your business from being robbed or threatened. However, if the criminals decide to proceed with their malicious activity, a trained security guard can react in real time and use his or her skills to stop the vandals from carrying out their plans or getting away.

2. Go Over Potential Issues

Trained security guards can walk around buildings, go over floor plans, and take time to research other property or location details to discover any weaknesses. Taking the time to figure out potential issues could deter vandals from attempting to cause damage or commit theft. The guards will speak with business owners and event planners about the weaknesses, get approval for minimal changes, and make suggestions for significant additions or removals.

3. Follow Monitors Correctly

Trained and educated guards know how to evaluate security footage, lowering the odds of vandalism and other crimes. The guard you choose can monitor the building on-site and through cameras in real time. Professional guards know the warning signs of suspicious activity and communicate with other guards and authority figures to prevent situations from escalating. Adequate monitoring skills can protect your property, team members, and visitors.

4. Patrol Regularly

Sometimes cameras cannot capture every incident, especially when they’re installed without the ability to scan all areas of the property. However, having a trained security guard patrolling the site could deter vandals and lower the odds of criminals damaging property or getting away with important documents, products, or money. Most security guards patrol areas at least once each hour, but they change the times to prevent criminals from knowing their exact schedules.

5. Limit Activity

A trained security guard knows how to limit activity and handle quick rushes throughout the day. This skill is vital because most vandals plan their crimes when businesses and organizations are overwhelmed with consumers, deliveries, or large crowds in general. A certified security guard knows how to keep all exits clear and locked when not in use. This prevents vandals from getting away with money or other assets, but it also allows the guards to open the exits in case of natural disasters or other emergencies.

6. Set Traps

Trained guards have the ability to think quickly and set up traps for vandals, preventing the criminals from getting away. These traps may be preset, or a certified security guard can develop a strategy on the spot to deter vandals. The education and real-life training guards have can make them more alert and aware of crimes and give them the knowledge to create practical solutions, which are skills most people don’t possess.

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