A significant concern for businesses and consumers is theft. Throughout the year, many shopping malls experience incidents that lead to financial loss for the companies and increased prices for customers. However, one way to reduce the odds of these problems is by taking on criminal activity safely and positively, such as by hiring security professionals. Below are some of the ways to prevent theft at a shopping mall.

Increase the Presence of Security Guards

The mere presence of security guards around the shopping facility is a great way to stave off shoplifters and keep your mall safe and secure. Thieves are always looking for ways to steal and get away without being caught. Still, suppose these criminals know a security guard is in the venue. In that case, it could cause them to rethink the situation, especially if stores hire professionals to patrol their retail spaces or the shopping center has security guards who patrol the inside and outside of the building regularly. Keep in mind theft isn’t limited to just retail items. In some cases, criminals target shoppers. Therefore, the presence of guards will also provide your customers with more confidence when it’s time to shop.

Know the Tactics Criminals Use

Having security guards at a shopping mall means some professionals understand the minds of criminals they’ve worked to stop. They know the tactics most thieves use, allowing them to stop the shoplifters ahead of time. Even when thieves are creating new ways to steal from shopping malls, security guards in San Diego, CA, can work together to use criminals’ expected behavior and ploys as they develop a protection plan. In addition to tactics, security guards learn the layout of the shopping venue and know how to respond quickly, preventing theft.

Identify Suspicious Activity

Don’t stereotype customers, because this could lead to a bad reputation for a shopping mall and cause consumers to shy away. Professional security guards know how to gauge suspicious activity without causing shoppers to feel belittled or wrongly accused and judged. The majority of stereotypes aren’t accurate. Most security guards have the training and experience to avoid these misjudgments and make your customers feel welcome and safe from actual criminals.

Use Security Cameras

Installing cameras could stop shoplifters from exiting the malls, allowing them to get caught and sending a message to future thieves that their steps are being monitored. Having visible security cameras can also scare away thieves and prevent them from targeting shopping malls and the retail stores inside these facilities. However, security cameras aren’t always the complete form of action. It’s essential to hire professionals who know how to monitor these devices and respond accurately and in real time, such as security guards. These individuals are highly trained to react if they notice shoplifters and can handle the situation properly.

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