Whether you’re looking to hire a security guard for residential or commercial purposes, there’s a certain skill set these individuals typically need to have to do the job well. Fortunately, a reputable security guard company will employ guards with the skills and capabilities necessary to provide the extra peace of mind clients deserve. Below, the experts from Eagle Eye Security, one of the premier security agencies in San Diego, list seven of the top skills professional security guards should possess.

1. Alertness

Paying attention is an essential skill for any security guard. While on duty, guards need to be able to quickly identify anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. They must also avoid distractions whenever possible and remain observant and alert at all times while on duty.

2. Physical Fitness

In general, security guards need to be in good physical shape. Part of the reason for this is because there’s a link between optimal physical health and mental alertness. Also, guards need to be agile enough to take action quickly, as may be the case if there’s a need to stop someone from committing an illegal act.

3. Honesty & Trustworthiness

Clients need to feel comfortable when security guards they hire are on duty. It’s equally important for guards to be honest and trustworthy enough to be able to know about a client’s security arrangements or the full nature of what’s being protected. It may also be necessary to trust a security guard with details of how a security system is set up, information that usually needs to be kept confidential.

4. Communication Skills

An effective security guard is also one who is able to communicate well, often in both oral and written form. Good communication skills that can be applied to the duties of a security guard may involve:

• Documenting any incidents
• Reporting on the status of the facility or location when a shift is over
• Tracking arrivals and departures if this is required by the client
• Knowing who to alert should an incident occur or if there’s suspicious activity
• Being able to quickly describe what happened to the client or anyone else responding if an incident occurs

5. Ability to Follow Directions

Guards are often given lists of instructions or general guidelines and protocols. These may be provided by the client directly, or the company may pass this information along to the guard(s) best suited for the job. This is why one of the top skills professional security guards should possess is the ability to follow any relevant directions.

6. Leadership

There are times when a security guard needs to quickly take control of a situation and be a leader. This is when leadership skills come into play. For instance, it may be necessary to evacuate a crowded lobby in an orderly way or restore calm after an incident has occurred.

7. Ability to Be a Team Player

While security guards often work alone, they still need to be capable of being able to work with others when there’s a need to do so. In some instances, this could mean coordinating protocols or duties with other staff members or checking with clients before making adjustments to security protocols.

If you’re planning to hire security for your residence or business, make sure to look for a company that hires guards with these important qualities. When they need premium security guard services, San Diego businesses and homeowners know they can trust the experienced professionals from Eagle Eye Security. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990.