What Are the Main Challenges of Corporate Security in Santee, CA

Corporate security generally includes concerns that are fairly commonplace among various businesses across several different industries. The positive side is that private security firms and their trained personnel are fully prepared to address many of these concerns in a sensible and effective way. Here’s a closer look at the main challenges of corporate security and how professional security guards can mitigate them.

Property Crime

Pinkerton released its annual survey, Top Security Threats and Security Issues Facing Corporate America, earlier in 2021. It lists property theft as one of the top corporate security challenges today. In corporate settings, this type of theft could involve expensive equipment, common supplies, external accessories, and/or vandalism. 

Security guards are often able to mitigate property crime at corporate locations by:

• Monitoring internal and external cameras
• Reporting any suspicious activities in areas where valuable equipment is used or stored
• Maintaining a visible and constant presence to deter property crime

Employee Theft

With internal corporate security concerns, employee sabotage and theft are often cited as top concerns. Employee theft can include property theft, such as what was discussed above, as well as employees being in areas they’re not authorized to enter. As for what corporate security professionals can do to mitigate concerns about employee theft, possibilities include:

• Maintaining a list of which employees are allowed in restricted areas
• Reporting instances of employees coming and going outside regular hours
• Monitoring areas where supplies and equipment are stored

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence ranks at the top of Pinkerton’s list of corporate security concerns. Security guards can mitigate risks in this category by keeping an eye out for any situations where tensions appear to be escalating, as may be the case if there’s a heated argument between coworkers. 

Security guards are also trained to be observant and recognize potential risks before something serious happens. In many instances, early and quick intervention can either prevent workplace violence or stop it from turning into a more serious incident.

Litigation Related to Inadequate Security

Also mentioned in the Pinkerton survey, this corporate concern stems from worries about being sued by employees, clients, or customers who may have issues with a lack of security in certain locations. This could happen if a corporation doesn’t have enough internal staff to address all security needs. For instance, employees at a corporate location might have concerns about parking lots that aren’t properly monitored during work hours. Front desk staff may also be worried about a lack of a security presence around main entrances, and this could result in legal action if there’s no effort made to ease valid security concerns. 

These concerns can often be addressed by hiring patrol security in San Diego in addition to having guards posted in key areas. Private security guards are often able to mitigate issues with inadequate security by:

• Filling internal security gaps
• Providing extra security in areas around main entrances
• Working with internal security staff to put together a comprehensive plan to address pertinent security issues more effectively and efficiently

In a constantly changing environment, it’s crucial for every business to be aware of potential dangers and take proactive steps to protect their property, employees, and customers. The professionals at Eagle Eye Security can help you assess your security needs and devise a plan that’s just right for you. If you want to work with one of the leading San Diego security companies, call us today at (619) 278-9990 to talk with one of our experts.