Hiring security guards to protect your business, residence, or event is essential for the safety of your guests, employees, and assets. However, having patrol guards provides more benefits because these trained individuals will physically travel around various areas and generally see problems that aren’t always within a camera’s view. Below are some of the duties of patrol guards and how they can benefit your organization. For more expert advice about guard patrol security, San Diego businesses should call on the experienced security professionals at Eagle Eye Security.

Respond to Reports of Criminal Activity

Patrol security guards must be ready to respond to any type of suspicious behavior at all times. They may be called to a scene by employees or receive a tip from other patrol guards working nearby. Regardless of who makes the call and what the criminal activity is, an experienced guard knows how to get to the location quickly. Patrol guards also have the training and skills to handle situations calmly. In some cases, patrol security guards will need to administer emergency first aid, and other circumstances may require physical actions such as detaining individuals until law enforcement officers arrive.

Patrol Multiple Areas

Security patrol guards aren’t confined to one room in a building or a specific space at an event. Instead, they walk around the properties throughout their shifts, reducing the risk of any undetected activity. While patrol guards don’t spend their entire shifts walking, it’s common for guards to patrol venues at least once or twice per hour. Of course, this will depend on the size of the building, the type of event, and the overall job description. Some guards patrol areas on foot, but others may use cars, bicycles, or scooters.

Monitor for Hazards

Fires, tornados, and animal-related dangers could put the lives of attendees or employees in jeopardy, which is why security patrol guards have the duty of monitoring the premises to protect themselves and others. Patrol guards have situational awareness and the ability to inspect problems in closer detail. As a result, they can alert other guards and supervisors to get people away from the property or event in a calm manner.

Scare Off Criminals

Patrol guards are more noticeable than other types of security, especially if they use patrol cars when monitoring the perimeters of buildings and venues. As a result, they could deter vandals from entering your building or disrupting your event, keeping you and your employees or guests safe. Patrol guards can use technology such as trackers in their vehicles to keep areas secure. Criminals typically have a more challenging time carrying out their plans when patrol guards have immediate access to local authorities and other essential individuals.

Being in a car or riding a scooter or bicycle also allows patrol guards to catch up to criminals faster, especially when the crooks are on foot. High-powered lights on some patrol units can make criminal activity more visible to others and decrease criminals’ chances of getting away. 

If you need help deciding whether you need patrol guards, reach out to the professionals at Eagle Eye Security, one of the most trusted San Diego security companies. Businesses can rely on us to evaluate their locations and provide expert advice on which security methods will best serve their needs. To schedule a consultation, call one of our security specialists today at (619) 278-9990.