Construction sites are quite vulnerable places to criminal acts such as theft and vandalism. As per the latest report released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau and National Equipment Register, companies face a huge amount of loss due to construction and farm equipment theft every year. The amount is estimated to a total between $300 million and $1 billion every year. On the other hand, National Fire Protection Association reported that fires cause around $30 million of loss in property damage every year. Such accidents can be mitigated by hiring trained security guards who can keep your construction site safe. The presence of security guards can deter inappropriate actions on the construction site.

Construction sites are full of expensive equipment and tools including specialized machinery, construction trailers, and other tools. It is not possible to bring these items to another location after every working day. Hence, they are often kept on the site which makes them vulnerable to theft. Apart from that, basic materials such as copper can be expensive in the market. It can be stripped and sold for a high price in the market by thieves. Construction site security guards can deter thieves both passively and actively. A visible security presence can make criminals look for an easier target. They will think twice to break into the property when there are attentive security officers are present on the site. Take help from Eagle Eye Security to hire construction site security guard in Carlsbad and Chula Vista, CA.

A lot of people come in and go out of the construction site. From contractors and inspectors to construction workers and other individuals- many people come to the construction site to get their work done. It is the security guard’s job to keep track of everyone on the premises. Security guards can ensure that no unauthorized individual can access the premises. Also, construction site security guards need to ensure whether the site is safe for workers. They need to ensure safety for everyone in and around the property. Security guards are well-trained in handling health emergencies. They can perform the emergency first-aid treatment if need be and also provide other life-saving assistance to people who are injured. They can act as first responders until EMTs or paramedics reach the spot. Contact Eagle Eye Security to get experienced construction site security guard in Carlsbad and Chula Vista, CA. Visit our website to get more information about our company. Call us on (619) 278-9990 to get more details.