Hiring a security guard will protect your company from crime and theft, but which security firm should you hire? Once you decide to entrust someone else with your company’s security, it’s important to choose the right agency for the job. There are many San Diego, California, security guard companies, but not all of them are ideal. Here are some questions to ask when hiring a security firm to help you determine which one is right for your company.

1. Do You Have Up-to-Date Licensing & Insurance?

Make sure every security services firm you deal with is duly certified and insured. The Department of Public Safety regulates all security companies. This licensing means all employees are thoroughly checked, including background checks and fingerprinting.

2. What Do Your Clients Think about You?

Examining the feedback of previous and existing clients is an excellent way to learn about the performance of a security services firm. These opinions from the clients’ point of view will give you valuable insight into the quality of service the company provides. Check online reviews and referrals on the company’s site.

3. What Are Your Areas of Expertise?

Not all security services are the same. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a firm specializing in corporate security, home security, or both. You should also decide if you require a firm that provides event or long-term security services. A security firm that provides many different services may lack the specialized knowledge your business requires.

4. How Long Have You Been Providing Service in This Area?

Security requirements vary from one location to the next. Certain crimes may be more common, or offenders may be more likely to use specific strategies. For these reasons, it’s important to choose a firm that’s familiar with the security challenges where your premises are located. This ensures the guards posted in your building are equipped for your specific security requirements.

5. How Are Your Security Guards Trained?

Each state has its own set of legal standards for security guard qualifications, education, and training. Before you employ a security firm, you should become acquainted with the regulations of your state to ensure the company’s guards are qualified under these requirements.

6. What Technological Solutions Do You Provide?

Working with a professional security guard firm can be an excellent way to improve your building’s security. Even with a guard, having additional technological equipment may be a perfect way to enhance your security. For example, having both a security guard and an alarm system would be a smart idea. If the alarm goes off, the security guard will be able to respond to the threat instantly.

7. How and When Will I Be Able to Contact You?

It’s essential to partner with a security firm that’s easy to contact. If you have a security concern, a problem with one of the guards, or an issue with the technology, you have to speak with someone at the firm. Determine who your primary point of contact will be and when he or she will be accessible.

When you’re choosing a security company to protect you and your business, make sure to ask these questions and take the time to research your choices carefully. For advice on hiring security for your business, reach out to the experts at Eagle Eye Security. As one of the premier security agencies in San Diego, we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of guard services available. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990 to schedule an appointment.