When people are in a shopping mall, they should be able to feel comfortable and safe, and one of the best ways to ensure their safety is by having professional security guards patrolling the area. Security guards can enhance safety in malls in a variety of ways. Keep reading to learn a few of the main reasons shopping malls should have professional security.

Put Customers at Ease

Many people feel a greater sense of safety in a shopping mall if they see security personnel, both in the mall as well as in surrounding parking areas. Because they feel safer, customers are more likely to spend more time shopping, which benefits the mall’s businesses. 

Keep People Safe during Natural Disasters

During a disaster such as an earthquake, fire, or dangerous storm, people are prone to panic, and that could quickly make it unsafe to be in a crowded mall. Security guards in San Diego are trained to respond calmly during an emergency, and they can evacuate large, complex areas such as shopping malls to ensure people are guided to safe shelter in designated areas.

Discourage Theft

When thieves see uniformed security guards, they’re much less likely to try to steal from stores and customers. Plainclothes guards play a valuable role as well, since they can observe thieves discreetly and apprehend them.

Seek Help for Medical Emergencies

According to the Heart Foundation, a person’s chances of surviving a heart attack decline 7 to 10 percent with each minute that goes by without receiving CPR. However, if CPR is performed quickly, survival rates can double and even triple. Security guards are trained to respond right away in life-or-death situations like this. They’ll immediately call for emergency services and offer aid until emergency personnel get to the scene. 

Find Children Who Are Lost

There’s nothing more terrifying for a parent than losing a child in a wide-open space such as a shopping mall. Unfortunately, children wander away from their parents occasionally. When a child is reported lost, mall security can create and implement procedures to secure the area and organize a search for the missing child.

Resolve Instances of Violence

As with any other public space, a mall draws a large number of people, and when people are crowded together, violence can erupt. Whether it’s shoppers fighting over deals on Black Friday or random acts of aggression, security guards are trained to ensure violent incidents are handled effectively, quickly, and peacefully. 

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