Does It Matter if a Security Guard Is Male or Female in Santee, CA

There has been tremendous growth in the number of women in the security guard industry. That being said, only 25 percent of security guards are female. Some question the wisdom of women being security guards. In actuality, there are several good reasons for a security force to have a mix of male and female officers.

Some Women Need Flexible Schedules & Employers Need Their Stability

Since women are overrepresented in society as both caregivers and higher education students, many women need the flexibility in terms of hours San Diego security guard work provides. Caregivers are more likely to be willing to work graveyard shifts while their children or aging parents are sleeping. College students are often stable security guards who need to attend classes during the day. Security guards who need those types of working hours are likely to be more reliable employees.

One example is a woman who worked her way through the University of Southern California in the late 1970s and early 1980s as a security guard on the swing shift. She found employers were happy to have a literate college student with report-writing skills on their team. She was able to work her way up to chief of security for a psychiatric facility in Torrance, California, because of her literacy and education. The facility needed someone who was well-spoken, could write reports, and could interact with patients and visitors as their first contact in the facility.

Size Is Often Unimportant

Granted, some security details, such as crowd control, require security guards who are physically large. In the corporate world, though, security guards are more prized for their observational and communication skills. Much of security work in the corporate world requires good communication, problem-solving, and observational skills as well as diplomacy and the ability to report problems to the proper authorities. Also, there’s a greater need for security guards to monitor cameras placed around facilities. Even armed security details don’t require large men. Also, many females work as security in retail loss prevention. Their ability to blend in and appear to be shoppers helps them detect problems in a covert manner.

Women Can Monitor Women’s Areas & Gatherings

Guard details that mix males and females can handle guarding restrooms for both sexes. The same is true of changing rooms at stores. Some events, such as female teenage gatherings, are best monitored by female adult security guards.

Women Bring New Ideas & Perspectives to the Industry

Women who are digitally savvy are ushering in changes to the security industry in terms of new technology. Today, guards are more likely to make their rounds with smartphones and QR codes than with the old-fashioned key system. Technology is changing how buildings are monitored. Often, this is done remotely. Thus, the emphasis will be weighted toward observation and reporting, not on providing a physical deterrence.

At Eagle Eye Security, we believe women and men are equally capable of providing the security services people need. When you need to hire security guards, look no further than the experienced professionals from Eagle Eye Security, a premier security company in San Diego. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990.