How Often Should a Security Guard Patrol a Site in Santee, CA

Security guards perform patrols to ensure they cover every part of a building. While just having a guard on-site can deter crime, you’ll still want to know the crew you hire regularly patrols the property. The frequency of patrols depends on several factors. Naturally, a smaller building with high visibility will require fewer patrols compared to a large property with major risk factors. Figuring out the right frequency of patrols for your security needs involves working with a professional security team that has experience in security patrol service. San Diego business owners should keep these considerations in mind. 

Consider the Type of Patrol

Certain patrols take longer than others, which can affect the frequency. If it takes a guard an hour to fully patrol a large building on foot, you can expect the individual to only be able to perform several patrols during a normal work shift. Vehicle patrols may be conducted more often, since it takes less time for the guard to complete a round. Patrols that rely on technology such as video surveillance can often be fairly fast unless they’re combined with patrolling the building on foot.

Assess the Threat Risk for the Area

For low security needs, a guard might only need to patrol an area several times overnight. Or you might need a guard to patrol the building regularly if your business deals with sensitive information or valuables. A security team will typically assess the threat risk for your business before making suggestions regarding how many guards to hire and the frequency of patrols. Keep in mind you can always increase how frequently patrols occur during times of increased risk for your company.

Identify Areas that Require Extra Patrols

A fully staffed front office might not need a security guard to pass through every few minutes if your business is in a low-risk area. However, there may be stairwells and unattended doors in the building that are attractive to criminals. You can choose to have specific parts of the building patrolled more frequently than others. This provides additional coverage in the areas where you need it most.

Know the Common Times for Typical Patrols

As a general rule, security guards usually aim to patrol a building every hour. This provides enough time to thoroughly check all the potential weak points of the building without rushing through the process. It’s also more likely that a guard will catch criminal activity in progress when he or she makes it through a space every hour. If you have a team of guards working, you might be able to arrange for patrols to happen more often.

Understand What Happens on a Patrol

The specific things a guard looks for on a patrol can vary. Guards will be looking for unauthorized people or vehicles on the property. They’ll also check the locks on doors and windows and watch out for safety hazards such as electronic equipment that’s overheating. As you plan for the frequency of patrols, keep in mind needing to check multiple things can alter how long it takes to complete a round. 

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