What Are the Ethical Standards of Security Guards in Santee, CA

Even though some security guards aren’t part of any formal organization, they still have a duty to protect their clients and the general public. The code of ethics for security guards can vary a little depending on which companies the guards work for. However, there are a few key guidelines all security guards should follow. The security experts at Eagle Eye Security, one of the premier security companies in San Diego, outline some of the basic ethical standards for security guards.

Follow the Law

Security guards must remember to respect the law at all times. Despite their position of authority, they don’t have the right to disregard laws that govern the behavior of private citizens. Security guards need to be aware of things like their ability to search and detain people. It’s important that they follow all laws because they could otherwise end up facing lawsuits or other legal consequences.

Avoid Biased Behavior

A security guard has a responsibility to act without any personal prejudice or bias. The most obvious example of this is that a security guard shouldn’t treat people differently because of race or gender. However, it also means things like a guard shouldn’t allow friends to ignore the premise’s rules or accept tips in exchange for not enforcing rules. Security guards need to be careful to apply the same guidelines to all people.

Uphold Employer Interests

A security guard’s primary responsibility is to his or her employer. Guards need to have a clear idea of what their employers want and work to ensure those needs are met. For most security guards, this will be a blend of detecting, deterring, and reporting any suspicious activities. At the same time, guards need to maintain confidentiality. Security guards are often privy to a lot of sensitive information in the workplace, so they need to be able to respect their employers’ privacy and avoid disclosing information to others.

Behave with Professionalism

Security guards are often the first people the public interacts with, so it’s important for them to represent their companies well. They need to maintain a certain level of professionalism and decorum. This applies to how they dress, what they do while guarding sites, and how they respond when people break rules. Security guards should never curse, insult others, or do other things that are unacceptable in a professional workplace.

Keep People Safe

Keeping both coworkers and members of the public safe is always a security guard’s duty. This can include a broad range of things, from preventing physical assault to stopping people from entering a construction site. For some guards, it may be difficult to keep people safe while also protecting the interests of their employers. Guards typically aren’t supposed to neglect their main duties to assist others outside the workplace. However, they still have a duty to maintain public safety whenever it wouldn’t harm themselves or their employers.

At Eagle Eye Security, we hold our guards to the highest ethical standards. This ensures the safety of the people and property we’re hired to protect. If you’d like to know more about our exceptional security guard services in San Diego, give us a call today at (619) 278-9990. One of our experienced representatives would be happy to answer your questions and provide a free quote.