Security guards, regardless of how they provide security and what they do for their clients, have one basic responsibility: to offer some added peace of mind. As for how many types of security guards there are, the answer can be broken down into three broad categories. Below, we go over the general ways to classify security guards along with some more specific examples based on expected duties and responsibilities.

Government Contract Security Guards

As the name suggests, government contract security guards are directly employed by either the federal government or a state or local governmental entity. The main duty of these guards is to protect government property and/or personnel. These are guards you might find in courthouses or facilities operated by the state or federal government.

In-House Security Guards

Private businesses and companies sometimes need to hire security guards to monitor certain areas, such as publicly accessible lobbies. If this type of security is provided by in-house security guards, the guards would be directly employed by the specific company or business they’re protecting. Therefore, they would be obligated to follow any guidelines and protocols established by the business they work for. In-house security guards can be found at many privately owned entities, including:

• Nightclubs
• Museums
• Manufacturing warehouses
• Private testing facilities or laboratories

Contract Security Guards

Another way security guards can be employed is through an agency that provides security for businesses or individuals. A contract security guard is trained and employed by an agency. It’s then up to the San Diego security guard company to provide the type of security that’s appropriate for the client. It’s also not uncommon for companies with some degree of in-house security to supplement their security needs with guards hired through an agency. Privately contracted security guards can be further categorized based on general duties and responsibilities. Many security agencies offer clients a broad choice of security guard options. This list includes:

• Armed security guards – These are guards trained to carry and, when necessary, use firearms. These guards are sometimes ex-military members or law enforcement officials.

• Unarmed security guards – When threat levels are relatively low, many commercial and residential clients prefer unarmed security guards. These guards provide a visible presence while patrolling or monitoring specific locations.

• Patrol guards – These are security guards whose main duty is to patrol certain areas on a regular basis to look for anything out of the ordinary.

• Commercial security guards – Commercial security guards employed by security agencies work exclusively for business or commercial clients needing some degree of security.

• Personal protection officers – These are security guards or agents who protect specific individuals. They also look for and mitigate risks as much as possible.

• Remote video surveillance agents – When there’s a need to look for anything unusual on surveillance footage, this is the type of security guard or agent to hire. They primarily monitor video footage and take appropriate steps if something concerning is seen. 

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