Do Security Guards Work Alone in Santee, CA

The prospect of hiring a security guard often brings up the question of whether or not you need to have multiple people protecting your property or personal safety. Although it’s typically preferable to have more than one security guard on duty, there are times when you may need to hire only a single security guard. 

Hiring a lone security guard comes with benefits such as keeping your costs low and potentially increasing productivity. However, this practice may also have fewer benefits for safety if you don’t have enough guards available to manage the risk level. You can determine if a solo security guard is right for your needs by understanding when and how guards may work by themselves. The security experts at Eagle Eye Security, a premier security company in San Diego, offer a closer look at having security personnel who work alon

Times when a Security Guard May Work Alone

Typically, a lone security guard can safely patrol a small business that has a low level of risk. Solo guards are also effective for serving as personal security for celebrities and other people who need someone to keep them safe in public spaces. You’ll often find security guards working alone on vehicle patrols around residential areas such as apartment complexes that tend to have a low level of crime. A solo guard may also monitor a corporate building’s traffic by checking employee IDs and making sure visitors have a reason to enter the building. Private events, such as weddings, are other situations that may require only one security guard.

Situations that Require Several Security Guards

As a general rule, having more security guards patrolling a property increases the safety level. You’ll need several guards to patrol a large property that’s simply unmanageable for a guard who’s working alone. High-risk situations that involve protecting dangerous or expensive equipment and company assets typically require several guards. A security team is also essential if your situation involves a higher level of threat, such as if your company is located in an area with a high crime rate.

How to Choose the Right Amount of Security 

Security risk assessments provide valuable insight into how many guards you’ll need to be effective. When you arrange for security services, you’ll typically be asked to provide information about your property or the person who needs protection. In some cases, a security professional may come to your property to conduct the assessment. During an assessment, the security company will check out the size of your property, look for security threats, and talk to you about the duties you’ll want a guard to perform.

Ways to Keep Lone Security Guards Safe

Safety is always the priority when you hire security, and it’s important to make sure solo guards also stay safe. Guards who work alone can employ safety practices such as checking in at regular intervals with their supervisors. They may also utilize technology to report their location at various points during their patrols. Security guards should also know who to call for backup if an emergency arises. Being able to call for an extra guard and knowing how to contact local law enforcement agencies help solo guards perform their duties in potentially dangerous circumstances.

If you aren’t sure how many guards you need to provide sufficient security, reach out to the experts at Eagle Eye Security for a risk assessment. Our security guards have the training and experience to ensure the safety of the people and property we’re hired to protect. When they need premium security guard services, San Diego businesses and residents know they can trust the experienced professionals from Eagle Eye Security. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990.