Safety is a huge concern at construction sites, but it’s also important to think about how to keep your employees and property secure from criminal activity. Construction sites have several inherent vulnerabilities that make them tempting targets for criminals. As you perform your security assessment, keep an eye out for these common security risks so you can implement mitigation strategies right away.

Theft of Equipment & Materials

It’s challenging to secure valuable equipment and materials at an outdoor worksite, and it may be difficult to use cameras to monitor a large area such as a major residential construction site. A security professional can show you the safest places to park expensive vehicles and store heavy-duty equipment, such as in a well-lit area that’s in clear view of the public. Regular security patrols also deter thieves.


Some acts of vandalism are just the result of bored kids who get their hands on a can of spray paint. Others are more serious. If your project is meeting resistance from the community, it’s possible someone might try to destroy what your team is building. Acts of vandalism can also escalate to more severe crimes, such as arson. Establishing a visible security presence with guards around the clock can stop vandals from thinking about destroying your property.


Open, unfinished buildings may attract curious people who don’t realize the danger that exists on a construction site. This places your company at risk for being sued for personal injuries. San Diego security guards can keep people off the property who don’t belong there. Your team can also avoid costly downtime from having to clean up any trash trespassers leave behind.

Physical Violence

Things can sometimes get heated between employees. A disgruntled worker might decide to act out if he or she is asked to leave the worksite or has a conflict with a coworker. An on-site security guard can deescalate a situation that’s getting heated before it results in harm to any of your employees. If someone does commit an act of violence, your guard can work with the police to make sure the situation is handled appropriately.

Robberies & Assaults on Employees

After a long day at work, your employees should be able to leave the worksite safely. However, criminals know construction workers are often carrying expensive tools and equipment. Make sure to encourage the team to leave in groups, and consider hiring a security guard to walk employees to their vehicles at the end of their shifts.


Construction companies often deal with sensitive data. From employee records to logs of large financial transactions, there’s a lot of data criminals would love to get their hands on. Protect your company from security breaches such as phishing and ransomware by working with a security team that can ensure your online data systems are secure.

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