Guards or Cameras Which Is Better for My Business Security in Santee, CA

Hiring a security guard to monitor your business, event, or organization can prevent a lot of chaos and protect the individuals who work for your establishment or attend an event you host. In addition to providing high-quality service by overseeing the venue or area, a trained San Diego security guard can monitor the company’s cameras, providing even more assistance. Below are some of the benefits you can receive by hiring a security guard with many qualifications, including monitoring security cameras.

Provide Immediate Reaction

While security cameras can record the premises of your building, when a situation arises, the system cannot react in real time. If the guard monitoring the cameras sees any criminal behavior, such as theft or a physical threat, he or she will need to contact the local authorities for assistance. However, a trained security guard is already on the property and can react immediately, reducing the risk of further issues. The guard will know how to approach the problem without putting others in harm’s way. Monitoring the cameras also gives a security guard the ability to move out employees, visitors, and other people from a building on fire or experiencing other consequential difficulties.

Deter Criminals

Having a security guard on-site to monitor your building and cameras can prevent thieves from targeting your business. These two forms of security could also deter employees and volunteers from stealing critical information or products from your company. People will know the camera can pick up their criminal actions, and having a guard on-site could lead to immediate action, causing them to avoid your building or company. In addition to being questioned quickly, thieves will fear the recorded evidence, making it difficult to deny the situation.

Increase Range

Seeing parts of the building can be beneficial, but it’s best to have someone who can patrol every area of your property for ultimate security. A trained security guard can monitor the cameras while also patrolling areas of the venue the cameras don’t reach. A guard can also utilize security cameras to make your establishment even more secure by using them to zoom in on objects, people, and other things he or she cannot see during a quick walk-through. However, by using the camera, the guard working for your company can increase the range and cover almost every corner of your business or event, reducing the odds of intrusions and various criminal activities.

Keep a Site Secure during Technical Outages

Even with highly trained guards to monitor the security systems, there are times when technical issues arise, preventing the cameras from running correctly. As a result, your business could be in serious jeopardy, and the individuals inside the property can be at physical risk without constant monitoring. However, having a security guard on the premises can be beneficial when systems shut down and cameras cannot work correctly. Remember that even though power outages and other technical issues can occur, having the cameras along with a guard can lead to top-tier security for your company.

Cameras can be a great asset in keeping your business secure, but they’re much more effective if you have professional security guards to monitor them and patrol the area. When they want to work with a premier security company, San Diego business owners and residents can rely on the professionalism of the experts from Eagle Eye Security. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990.