Does My Business Require Guard Patrol Security in Santee, CA

A business might need something more than security guards manning stationary posts. Security patrols move around to make sure business properties and their contents remain safe. Stationary guards keep watch at posts such as entrances or exits, but security patrols have mobility that can add a protective element to a business’s security plan. The following considerations can you help you determine if a security patrol can be a benefit to your business. For more expert advice on choosing guard patrol security, San Diego businesses should call on the experienced security professionals at Eagle Eye Security.

Having Large Premises

If your company’s premises are large, having stationary guards might not be enough. Criminals often don’t use the front door, and your large premises might have unsecured points of entry. A security patrol can cover these points through strategic and routine patrols. Installing video cameras can be a great way to cover potential entrances to a business. Motion-sensing alarms can also be used to ensure a criminal won’t be successful in burglarizing your property. However, a security patrol guard offers a live presence that can look out for crime and respond to it immediately.

Guarding During Night Hours

Night hours can pose a security risk for a business. Without daylight, it can be difficult to monitor the surrounding environment to keep track of all potential threats. Since there are fewer people active at night, criminals can remain unseen. Security patrols can be used at night to circumvent both of these security concerns. Guards can keep a large area around a business safe and make it difficult for criminals to remain unseen.

Being in an Area with a High Crime Rate

If your business is in an area with a high crime rate, having security guards can prevent the establishment from being the victim of an attack. However, choosing between stationary guards and security patrols can be difficult. Each service offers potential benefits. In an area with a high rate of crime, security patrol can monitor your business over a wide area, which means potential criminals might be spotted before they even attempt to commit a crime. A stationary guard can secure an entrance or exit, but a security patrol can actively look out for threats that are likely to occur in a relatively more dangerous area.

Storing Valuable Inventory or Possessions

Another consideration to take into account is determining if your business’s valuables are simply too important to risk losing. If your company has high-value items, hiring a patrol guard provides additional security to prevent invaluable items from being lost. Insurance can be bought to cover costs related to a burglary, but some things can’t be replaced with a check from an insurance company. If your business has too many valuable things that need to be protected, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Security patrols cover wide areas, forcing criminals to get through them to reach the contents of your business. A dynamic defense such as this can ensure your company and all its high-value items have the best chance to stay safe.

If you need help deciding whether you need security guard patrols, reach out to the professionals at Eagle Eye Security, one of the area’s premier private security contractors. San Diego businesses can rely on us to evaluate their locations and provide expert advice on which security methods will best serve their needs. To schedule a consultation, call one of our security specialists today at (619) 278-9990.