What Are the Different Types of Security Patrol in Santee, CA

Security services cover every possible detail of helping you keep your property and other people safe. While you may know about the different types of security guards that are available, it’s also important to explore how the things they do can make a difference in your security plan. These are the most common types of patrols you’ll see security guards perform along with their benefits for specific situations. For more expert advice about guard patrol security, San Diego businesses should call on the experienced security professionals at Eagle Eye Security.

Check for Security Issues with Foot Patrol

Foot patrol security is just what it sounds like. With this type of patrol, a guard will walk the grounds on foot to check for potential issues. This is perfect for buildings where a vehicle cannot go. You can also customize foot patrols to fit your unique needs. For instance, a foot patrol guard might be instructed to lock certain doors at specific times or open them for people who need to get inside a building. The guard will also watch for fire hazards, such as an appliance that’s left on, and inspect access points for security flaws.

Cover a Larger Area with Vehicle Patrol

Vehicle patrols are ideal for places such as apartment complexes and large corporate office complexes where there’s too much space for a person to cover on foot. In most cases, a visibly marked vehicle is used for this type of patrol to make it clear to potential criminals that the area is being monitored. A vehicle patrol guard can watch over parking lots, monitor unsecured equipment storage areas, and even drive by a vacation home to make sure all is well.

Create a Visible Presence with Observation Post Patrols

Observation decks and watchtowers are often used in areas with high security needs and a lot of ground. The posts require a security officer to observe from up high where he or she can see the majority of the area being covered. An observation post patrol may also include a foot patrol guard who can quickly respond to signals or messages sent from the observer.

Catch Crimes in Action with Cyber Patrol

Security guards can use modern technology to patrol several areas at once. A cyber patrol guard will often work in an on-site room filled with monitors showing live video surveillance feeds. Watching the screens helps the officer see right away if something goes amiss. The guard can then either switch to a foot patrol or send another guard to address the security issue in person.

Protect Human Life with Remote Patrols

Certain areas are simply not safe for humans to patrol. For example, it may be better to use a robot to patrol an area with hazardous chemicals rather than send a human in on foot. Remote patrols may include using drones or robots outfitted with cameras that allow the guard to see what’s going on in the area. The guard can then respond accordingly to any security breaches. 

If you need help deciding which type of patrol guards are right for you, reach out to the professionals at Eagle Eye Security, one of the most trusted San Diego security companies. Businesses can rely on us to evaluate their locations and provide expert advice on which security methods will best serve their needs. To schedule a consultation, call one of our security specialists today at (619) 278-9990.