Colt M1911

Armed security guards need to carry some type of weapon for instances when they may need to defend people or property and unarmed security isn’t preferred or appropriate for one reason or another. For practical reasons, the weapon of choice is often some type of handgun, although there are some other possible options. Below, the experts from Eagle Eye Security, one of the top security companies in San Diego, discuss some of the weapons armed security guards may carry when on duty.

Glock 22

The Glock 22 is the most commonly used firearm among law enforcement officials. It’s equally common for armed security guards to use this weapon because it’s light and known for its accuracy. Armed security guards may also appreciate the many rounds this handgun can hold. In fact, it holds more rounds than any other handgun in its class, which can be beneficial for security guards wishing to be prepared for the unexpected without having to carry extra ammo. Glock’s smaller 9mm models—the Glock 17 and 19—can be equally effective weapons for armed security personnel.

Ruger LC9

One leading West Coast security firm states many of its armed security guards carry this firearm for personal protection purposes even when they’re not on duty. Also lightweight at 17 ounces, the Ruger LC9 fires smoothly and has safety features that include a magazine disconnect safety.

Beretta Model 92

For almost 50 years, this Beretta model has been a popular choice among law enforcement and security personnel. It’s also light, easy to conceal and use, and known for allowing users to have good aim and accuracy. Ranking right up there with the Glock 22 in terms of continued popularity and use worldwide, it’s often the preferred choice of security guards with military backgrounds.

Heckler & Koch HK45

Heckler & Koch has a solid reputation when it comes to the quality of its firearms. This is one of the reasons many security experts prefer guns made by this manufacturer. The HK45 is often favored for security purposes because of its durability and accuracy. It also has a low recoil, which is another characteristic armed security guards often prefer.

Colt M1911

Designed for the U.S. military and used for many years by military personnel, the Colt M1911 remains a popular choice among security professionals. Featuring a lightweight grip, this firearm also has minimal recoil. Additionally, it’s known for its accuracy and precision.

Nonlethal Weapons

Security guards sometimes carry nonlethal weapons as well. Whether or not this is preferred or possible will depend on client needs and, to some extent, any local laws or guidelines that may apply. In some situations, security guards needing to be armed may carry a mix of lethal and nonlethal weapons. Nonlethal options for security guards could include:

• Stun guns or tasers
• Batons
• Pepper spray 

Because your top priority is the safety of your home or business, you may find it necessary to hire professional security guards. Armed guards are a practical option, and if you need to hire armed security, turn to the professionals at Eagle Eye Security. To learn more about our San Diego armed security services, give us a call today at (619) 278-9990. One of our experienced representatives would be happy to answer your questions and provide a free quote.