Hiring security guards is essential to living safely and operating a successful business. They play a crucial role in averting potential threats and managing emergencies at businesses, events, and homes. Whether you own a warehouse, run an office, or have a one-day event, you need a security guard to help you operate peacefully. Apart from having excellent social skills, more qualities of a good security guard include those listed below, suggested by the pros from Eagle Eye Security, a premier security company in San Diego.

Honesty & Integrity

Dishonest security personnel can be very destructive to any residence, business, or event. Apart from stealing, such guards might also expose people to many safety threats. You cannot tell a dishonest person simply by observing him or her, which is the reason most security agencies do thorough background checks to unearth the criminal histories of their prospective employees.


The primary duty of security guards is to gauge the situation around the home, company, or event they’re guarding. A person without excellent observation skills cannot detect irregularities and take action when needed. Therefore, security guards should quickly identify security breaches and act swiftly to contain the threats, or else they won’t be effectively keeping watch.

Peacemaking Attitude 

Security guards should always be prepared for dangerous or criminal occurrences, but they must also manage tensions whenever they arise. Despite being on the lookout to act, reliable security guards must have a conciliatory view that leads them to seek peace rather than promoting chaos. You realize the risk of conflicts is usually high in crowded areas or events, so you need someone who prioritizes safety.

Outstanding Communication Skills 

Effective communication is necessary because security guards will be interacting with various people daily, some of whom will need their help. Thus, guards should write and speak effectively to pass on any crucial information you may need. For instance, if an incident comes up, you may require your guards to accurately document events to help the authorities with further investigations.

Courtesy & Respect

Most security guards interact with company employees, clients, potential clients, or your loved ones, if based in a home setting. Handling these people respectfully goes a long way toward ensuring business and family stability. In addition, if your security guards happily show your potential clients around, the clients will be impressed and are likely to become repeat customers.

Good Physical Fitness

A security guard’s job involves many physical challenges, including patrolling, staying up for many hours, and even pursuing perpetrators in case of theft. As such, your security personnel must maintain a healthy weight by exercising often and embracing a healthy diet. Physically fit guards are also likely to have confidence in their skills because they’re sure they can chase after criminals and efficiently run for their safety if the need arises.

If you’re planning to hire security for your business, make sure to look for a company that hires guards with these important qualities. When they need premium security guard services in San Diego, business owners know they can trust the experienced professionals from Eagle Eye Security. We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of guard services available. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990 to schedule an appointment.