What Are the Qualities of a Good Security Guard in Santee, CA

Security guards serve a vital role in many different locations. From banks and private buildings to malls and corporations, security guards are symbols of safety and comfort for people every day. As such, it’s important that security guards do more than just take their jobs seriously. They must also possess skills that allow them to perform their job duties well, protect people around them, and always be one step ahead of trouble. Below are some of the most important qualities that make a good security guard, suggested by the pros from Eagle Eye Security, one of the premier security companies in San Diego


Security guards should always be active, alert, and aware of their surroundings. People who are easily distracted or whose focus tends to wander too much probably won’t perform well as guards, who often have to patrol areas or stand in one position for an extended time. Alert security guards can catch would-be thieves and perpetrators before they can act and swiftly stop them before they can cause harm. Guards who are alert are also capable of identifying which observations are worth reporting and which can be dismissed. Without alertness, guards are liable to miss important cues that could put others in danger. 

Physical Fitness

Overweight security guards may look physically intimidating to some, but guards who aren’t physically fit may not be able to perform their duties as well as guards who exercise regularly. While security guards certainly don’t have to be burly, they should be physically active, stay in shape, and be fully capable of quickly moving, running, and responding to a threat.


A good security guard will always be open and communicative. As guards typically know intimate details about the buildings they protect, it’s crucial that employers perform substantial background checks. Dishonest security guards can jeopardize entire companies, so it’s vital that a security guard is honest and forthcoming. 

Attention to Detail

In the event of an incident that requires police involvement, a security guard will likely be an essential witness. Guards who are attentive and good at remembering details around them could make or break investigations. Identifying a culprit can be difficult when memories are blurred by emotion. Security guards should be able to remain calm under pressure and always remember key details about their environments. Guards also have multiple tasks to perform. Their responsibilities may involve multitasking, so a fine eye for detail is critical to the successful completion of any security guard’s duties.

Good Communication Skills

A security guard shouldn’t be all muscle. Guards also need to be friendly and approachable so people feel comfortable turning to them for help. In a time of crisis, a guard needs to be able to effectively deescalate a situation without rushing to violence or using intimidating tactics.

If you’re planning to hire security for your business, make sure to look for a company that hires guards with these important qualities. When they need premium security guard services in San Diego, business owners know they can trust the experienced professionals from Eagle Eye Security. We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of guard services available. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990 to schedule an appointment.