What Is a Commercial Security Guard in Santee, CA

Owning a business involves having to make decisions that protect your employees and the company’s assets. Businesses are often targeted by criminals due to the heightened value of their properties, and you’ll want to take steps to prevent common crimes such as robberies and assaults. Commercial security guards serve as a frontline defense against theft, vandalism, fires, and other threats to your business. Learning more about how these guards perform their duties helps you decide how to hire the right type of services to protect your business. The experts from Eagle Eye Security, one of the top security companies in San Diego, explain what commercial security guards are and how they work.

Typical Commercial Security Guard Duties

The primary duty of a commercial security guard is to keep people and property safe. They may also provide a prompt response to emergencies and patrol the grounds to make sure everything is safe. Depending on your company’s needs, guards may greet guests, escort employees through a parking lot, and monitor the property for potential safety risks, such as unsecured entry points.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Security Guard

The primary benefit of hiring a security guard for your business is that you prevent theft and other hardships that cut into your company’s profits. Security guards often deter criminal activity by simply being present. They’re also capable of responding quickly to suspicious activity and securing the scene while they wait for other emergency responders to arrive. With security guards present, your employees will feel safer. This allows them to focus more on their jobs without worrying about being harmed.

Types of Security Guards to Hire

There are several different types of commercial security guards you can hire. For example, an armed security guard is licensed to carry a firearm. While you may be able to hire an unarmed guard for areas with low threats of crime, you may prefer an armed guard if your business is a likely target of criminal activity. You can also choose to hire an overnight security guard or a whole team to protect a larger business. When you first reach out for security services, you’ll have the opportunity to talk about the various concerns you have at your company so you can create a plan that outfits your business with the right types and number of security guards.

How Security Guards Manage Patrols on Commercial Property

Walking patrol guards are common indoors, and you may choose to have someone walk around a smaller parking lot. You can also hire vehicle patrols that can drive around the grounds and look for suspicious activity in areas that are sometimes difficult to access by foot. 

Some companies also hire security guards who are highly trained in cybersecurity. They can make sure your electronic files and records are secure. They can also ensure everyone is using secure passwords, and they’ll assist with making sure former employees are no longer able to access private systems. 

Hiring professional guards for your commercial space can provide visitors and employees with a sense of safety and security. If you need to hire high-quality commercial security guards in San Diego, CA, look no further than the experienced professionals from Eagle Eye Security. Give us a call today at (619) 278-9990.