Security guards at events provide a way to make sure every guest stays comfortable and safe. A security guard can help with crowd control, ease tensions among guests, and respond quickly in emergency situations. An effective security plan should include enough guards to keep an eye on every guest. Figuring out how many guards you need for your event requires carefully assessing the guest list along with several other important factors that impact security concerns. The experts from Eagle Eye Security, one of the leading security agencies in San Diego, offer the following advice on determining how many guards you’ll need for your event.

Know the General Recommendation

The best way to start creating your security plan is to check out the guest list to see how many people you expect to attend. You might only need one guard if your event includes fewer than 100 people, but you’ll need to include another guard for every additional 50 to 100 people on the list. Keep in mind this is just a starting point. Other factors will determine if you need to plan for additional security guards.

Think about the Type of Event

Naturally, a family wedding will be less likely to have a security problem than a massive concert or sporting event. If your event includes people from other countries or individuals who have different political or cultural views, you may need additional security. The same is also true if your event involves fans of opposing sports teams coming in contact with each other during or after the event. If you already know everyone on the guest list personally, such as you would for a wedding, you might not need to plan for additional guards.

Consider whether You’ll Be Serving Alcohol

This factor could make you need to rethink how many guards you’ll need for a wedding or other family-centered event. Alcohol has a way of making people act out, and this could potentially lead to fights and other issues during your event. If you’re serving alcohol at your event, consider increasing your security team to include enough guards to continuously scan and patrol the crowd to identify issues before they get out of hand. For instance, a security guard might be able to defuse a situation by separating two people having a conflict or by removing someone who becomes overly intoxicated.

Check the Venue for Security Threats

You’ll also want to check out the venue before your event to find out if there are additional security risks, such as an unmonitored door someone might be able to sneak in through. Ideally, every door should be monitored, even those that aren’t primary entrances. You’ll also want to increase the number of security guards you hire if the venue is located in an area with a high crime rate. 

If you’re hosting a special event, your guests’ safety is your primary concern, so it’s a great idea to work with only the best security guard companies. San Diego residents and businesses rely on Eagle Eye Security when they need high-quality security services, whether it’s for single events or long-term protection. Call one of our friendly representatives today at (619) 278-9990 to schedule a consultation.