Because of the many potential risks physical business locations often face on a daily basis, security isn’t something that should be put on the back burner. However, before you make any security decisions, it’s a good idea to know your specific needs, priorities, and preferences first. Whether you’re just exploring your options with security or fine-tuning what you’re already doing, here’s what you can do to assess your company’s security needs.

Do a Walk-Through of Your Business

It’s easy to overlook potential security risks or needs in places you normally pass through on a regular basis. Get started by doing a walk-through of your business—both indoors and outdoors—in a more observant way with security issues in mind. Pay particular attention to:

• Places with open access (e.g., front entrances, lobbies)
• Areas already monitored with cameras that may be lacking sufficient security
• Typical traffic flow with employees and other people coming and going
• Exterior locations where added security is needed (e.g., employee/customer parking lots, points of outside entry into your building)

If you’re not fully sure of what to look for during your walk-through, ask a security company if they would do it with you. Doing so gives you access to added insights from security professionals, who are often more adept at objectively identifying security needs.

Identify Areas where Security Professionals May Be Needed

Make a list of any places where you feel the services of a security company in San Diego would likely be needed on top of any electronic surveillance you already have in place. For example, a busy front entrance may be more secure with an extra set of eyes beyond what’s possible with security cameras alone. On top of that, having in-person security in certain areas can benefit your company by:

• Making employees and others coming and going feel safer
• Having trained security professionals prepared to act quickly in emergency situations
• Getting access to regular reports documenting any incidents and security concerns

Prioritize Your Security Needs

After you’ve done the first two things recommended above, take a moment to rank and prioritize your security needs. For instance, a rear entrance closer to areas with expensive equipment and employee work areas lacking sufficient security cameras and regular observation would likely be higher priorities than a well-monitored and highly visible front entrance.

Go through your list once you rank everything and identify practical solutions for each of your security needs. This is also a good way to determine whether you would likely benefit from armed or unarmed security personnel.

Consider Other Factors

Lastly, assess your company’s security needs by identifying any other specific concerns or needs you have that aren’t being addressed. This includes considering anything unique to your situation with security. For example, if you have a small on-site security staff, determine if there are additional security needs that may be better met with outsourced security.

Make sure to consider the above factors when you’re deciding what type of security your business needs. If you need advice about which security services are right for your business, reach out to the experienced professionals at Eagle Eye Security. To learn more about our high-quality commercial security service in San Diego, give us a call today at (619) 278-9990 and talk with one of our experienced security experts.