What Industries Need Security Guards in Santee, CA

Security guards are useful for just about every business, but there are some industries that have a greater need for someone to be alert for safety issues and potential crimes. The majority of these industries need to hire security guards, either temporarily or permanently. If you own or operate a business in any of these industries, you’ll want to understand the important security issues that hiring a guard can address.

Banking & Financial Services

Anytime there’s money involved, you can bet there’s a criminal ready to take advantage of any holes in your company’s security plan. Banking and other financial institutions need to update their security protocols as they experience changing circumstances. For instance, a bank in an area that has recently experienced an uptick in crime may no longer be able to just rely on a camera system.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare facilities all have unique challenges when it comes to security. Although most of the people in these facilities are simply there to have illnesses treated, you’ll occasionally run across a disgruntled family member or patient who presents the risk of a physical altercation. Many of these facilities also have expensive equipment that needs protection from thieves.


This industry includes any facility that manufactures products for people to buy and use. Manufacturing companies usually have expensive equipment and materials inside their buildings or outside in storage areas. Security guards for these businesses can deter criminals by creating a visible security presence, and they may be called upon to prevent insider crimes, such as employees stealing sensitive information or materials.

Hotel & Hospitality Companies

People need to feel safe when they’re staying at a hotel or other form of lodging. However, criminals frequently target areas where people are unfamiliar with their surroundings or too distracted to notice suspicious activity. Especially in hotels located in popular tourist destinations like San Diego, security guards can make sure only authorized people are getting inside the buildings. They may also patrol hallways and stay near the front desk to deter criminals from taking advantage of people who are tired from traveling.

Retail & Wholesale Stores

If you’ve visited a mall recently, you’ve probably seen more than one or two security guards patrolling the building. Smaller retailers also employ security guards to protect against shoplifting and altercations between customers. During busy seasons or in high-crime areas, security guards also keep a watchful eye on parking lots to make sure vehicle thefts and break-ins aren’t a problem.

Construction Companies

Construction sites are often the targets of criminals who take advantage of the fact that these sites are out in the open. Security guards often patrol these areas late at night to make sure criminals don’t try to steal valuable equipment or materials. They can also patrol during the day to keep an eye on everyone’s safety.

In a constantly changing environment where there are new kinds of security risks every day, it’s crucial for every business to take steps to make sure their security needs are met. The professionals at Eagle Eye Security can help you assess your security needs and devise a plan that’s just right for you. If you’re looking to hire guards from one of the top security companies in San Diego, California, call us today at (619) 278-9990 and talk with one of our security experts.